It's our Big Fast TV Wedding Day!

Michael, Sara and Keke have one last surprise for Josh and Kiana on their big day.
11:12 | 02/28/20

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Transcript for It's our Big Fast TV Wedding Day!
Welcome back the moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived Josh Powell and keep on in my rec will be near eight. Right here in just moments. On Monday Josh asked Leon if she would marry him in just. Five days here on the shallow end she said yes so with the help of the amazing fashion and wedding expert eskimo rainy week and their entire wedding this week. Here's what happened. Will you marry me. This Friday and students there and keep. And he aren't going to plan. New York jewelry and wedding you have the chance to help Hannah and her dress and yet very big day dress and yeah. We yeah. Coming out what hair and makeup looking out walking down the aisle and you guessed it is usually isn't this once you take a little wouldn't care what Jessica Maloney who has been helping you got this entire time. And kill it is time for the big event are master of ceremonies worry. Please take it away. Right thank you Sarah please welcome the first members of the bridal party Michael Strahan. And Kiki plumber. Eight I. We welcome him. Johnson's brother and best man Jonathan Powell and Donna best friend. Made a modern Camarillo rams north. And now everyone please stand for the bride. I. Welcome us. Family friends the loved ones and SSK viewers to. We gather here today to celebrate the wedding of Josh pinkie on as they complete their journey from high school sweethearts. To wedded couple. Josh and pianist thank you for your presence here today and now ask for your blessing. Encouragement and lifelong support for their decision to be married. At this time Josh and Keon I would like to exchange some vows they broke. Josh. A long years ago. I found my best current. You tell me what you love is it. The life of listening learning and laughing and about a love you driven life lesson. About to overcome personal obstacles to an open doors of limitless opportunities for us. About to pray for you before myself. With the vision of virtuous prosperity. And lessening. Every emotion. Every heckled pain. Every essential things you may need. I'm about to be your provider and every moment of our future. With vet. If you didn't realize. I've broken down my love for you. With every letter. In front of god. And from of the world and only thing left to do it has built up a new life. With the new love it. For the same Gus is they want. It. I would imagine that if a person could design their dream spouse they probably want a beautiful smile it's. A compassionate heart. And it stressful barn to. Baby I don't need to design or imagine because you have all those qualities are Moyer. Here's the map also lose don't worry us. It lets you need to wrap this stinks. But I know I can trust you with my whole heart. Can you are my dream come true. At my prayers answered. These eight years have shown me the that are left can withstand all things. I can't wait and spend the rest of my life with you I love you should do. So we've set our prowess. Now of a very important moment Josh. Do you take this woman to be your wedded wife. I definitely knew. And. Dioner teens hate this man to be your wedded husband and I do. Well. Jonathan they have the ring with. And so we're gonna start Josh. If please repeat after me. I give you the strength to do this room as a daily reminder of my love for you as a daily reminder of my love for you. That's put in on. Joyce takes a little wiggle fees and cash. Harry him. And K. Hickey on a please repeat after me. I TV this ring I give you this ring as a reminder of my. Love for you as a reminder of my love for you. Okay wait let me just keep just as you manager okay. Now. By the power of your loving commitment. And the power vested in me. I now pronounce you. Has been enlightened and war. Okay. News. And we just thought he got in gash getting married I can't wait to test the bouquet coming the how to throw it anyway. Help I have to ask you can change ash what is going to get it you can be put into words we're married. And that. I'm so happy moment I'm so happy and you just in the you to meet with tailspin it will multiple hurdles that could. There was talk comedic. Put it put put everything all my films. And and and until a short moment. This is the best thing. As ever happen I happen to me in the long my life. Howard time put it to work and convincing all that one moment but. Here we really whether amazing and really with a meeting and came out only America help you because of the help pick you're dressed. If you think you're here as well as Jamaica in this since your winning looking just got a message for you oh yeah are you surprised. The I don't know American got it right I mean look at her she looked. And can you are bridal perfection think you America yeah. Ten minutes into the love between east to which we all support and love that's why we're here on newsroom we could not have pulled this off our big fast he wedding. Without help the fashion and wedding expert Jessica won't ringing. Thirty years pilots and your friend of the show Vernon friends wow. Makeup artist Mickey William and crowd who provided all of these and easing flowers you see behind us so Cain who all. Off for your help in making good on and got his wedding happened in just fine and an independent. Fox News isn't saying but you know what can still one more thing that come with a wedding of course. But I don't know. I hope you don't have a better. I think you guys leave without. Sick Sydney you on your way on a nice honeymoon to. Hawaiian. Or. I'm and luxurious accommodations and more exterior the Nat London then it didn't the Y while swimming in spectacular gold relaxing in lazy river that's going to happen all legal and. And and you heard the platinum people. Yeah yeah may not UTU. Well we didn't want our audience to lead this wedding without favor so that's why would they are going away with personal is ending hands. Daryn a perfect party favored to celebrate your special day in you can just colors to match your color scheme include beans gates or hash tags and even feature a photo of the couple what's needed. There are dozens of lighting scene Eminem's gifts and favors to choose from for every stage of the process from personal life favors for the bridal shower. Treats for the wedding party and you need memorable favors for the big day with many and ranging from two to five dollars each viewers at home can use the code access to a thirty channel known you received 30% off site why don't and then asked dot com Fallon today until mark. When he when he at 1159 to kick. Now miss. It's right here and I'm.

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{"duration":"11:12","description":"Michael, Sara and Keke have one last surprise for Josh and Kiana on their big day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69283454","title":"It's our Big Fast TV Wedding Day!","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/big-fast-tv-wedding-day-69283454"}