Deals & Steals: The top wellness and sleep items you need in 2020

Tory Johnson has incredible deals on pillows, sheets and more.
5:31 | 01/14/20

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Transcript for Deals & Steals: The top wellness and sleep items you need in 2020
Tory Johnson is here to give you deals on wellness items and as always we partnered with these companies to bring you incredible savings. Tory, let's get started. I'm excited. You got a sneak peek. We're excited for everything. First up, the pillow bar. Good sleep is essential for just general happiness. Like, sleeping well. So what's great about these? This is their down alternative pillow. You get the comfort of down but you get a nonallergen fill. So it's great if you got allergies of any kind. It's kind of medium firm but supercomfortable for all types of sleepers. Made in Texas. Made in Texas. The case is also great for your skin and your hair. Normally $178, it's slashed by 66%. $59 for both pieces. Oh, that's amazing. Wow. Speaking of sleep, this company is called my sheets rock. They're ultra soft. They're temperature regulated sheets. They're great for chilly sleepers or hot flashers. You might slide off the bed. They're super soft. You'll get a fitted flat sheet and two pillow cases. Normally they start at $139. Today they are slashed in half. They start at $69.50 per set. These are nice, that's almond, which is great for keeping a youthful glow. That is lavender. That's good for sleep. It's also great for if you put a drop on pimple overnight, the pimple -- this one is one of my favorites, wild Orange, it smells so good. Here's passion. This wild Orange is on fire. I say passion and you looked away. I looked at the wild Orange. The wild Orange is on fire. The wild Orange is so. Eucalyptus is hugely popular during flu and cold season. It's all natural. Nothing synthetic. No synthetic, fragrances, officials, nothing synthetic about this which is amazing. You know you're getting the real thing. $15 to $35 regularly, today they're slashed in half, they start at $7.50. If you have a cold that is amazing. Bestself. They make a variety of products, this journal is amazing. 13 weeks to achieve a specific goal, step by step, guided direction. But then these are what you guys are talking about. These are these table talker-type of cards. I love this. These are good. You said about doing this at the dinner table with your kids. Max and I always say, the kids are young now, but people always tells us it's hard to reach your kids. I was asking this, what's the talent you would most want to have? Singer. It's cathartic. If you just ask someone, how's your day? Fine. Not so fabulous at dinner table. Michael, describe the last time you cried. I don't remember. Singing makes you feel cathartic. How does everybody else feel? Shut up. I have a really good one. Your job is to reduce the pain in the world where do you start? In my left knee. Man, I tell you -- Michael. I would want to cure cancer, that's a pain that I'd want to eliminate. $16 to $32 regularly. They start at $8. Another great company, this is brand-new company called Kane 11 and they make socks based on shoe size. As opposed to small, medium, large shoes. I was one off. I thought you were a 15. You told me 14. I thought you were 15. These are size 15 socks that actually are going to fit you. All they're missing is an L and an R. For the left and the right. I can figure it out at this point. This is 16. They're amazing, because you get the right fit and they're made in America. They're made in America. $10.50 to $12.50 regularly. They're slashed in half, they start at $5.25, and free shipping. I like that. This is leggings. The mannequin won't move. An amazing line of activewear. Great fabrics. Size inclusive. The pieces go up to 4xl. Normally $68 to $98. It's all slashed at least in half. Today, it starts at $30. We love you and love your mom. A little hi to mom, guys. Audience is going home with products from pillow bar, best self and Kane 11. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"Tory Johnson has incredible deals on pillows, sheets and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68275987","title":"Deals & Steals: The top wellness and sleep items you need in 2020","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/deals-steals-top-wellness-sleep-items-2020-68275987"}