Destination wedding: fair or foul for friends and family?

It's a wedding themed Fishbowl Friday.
1:46 | 02/28/20

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Transcript for Destination wedding: fair or foul for friends and family?
unfair, do you still give a gift? Is it fair first of all destination weddings and secondly, do you still give a gift at a destination wedding? I mean, I don't think at your wedding you're thinking about being fair per se, but if your wedding is at a destination you have to understand not all people came. We did a destination wedding. On that day when you really want to be about your partner and your best self I didn't want to be the New York version of myself. I wanted to be my vacation self. I'm a lot more fun. So I think the way we approached it was, I always feel like every person who's able to come is a gift. If they cannot, I put on the invitation, don't worry, no pressure, we know you love us. You don't have to go if you can't. I feel like, when someone does a destination wedding, they're doing it to weed people out. Right. It's like, oh, we got a hundred people how can we get down to 30? So, but I do think if you do make it to a destination wedding I don't think it's required for you to get a gift. I'm paying to be here for your union, I appreciate the invite but I don't think you need to buy a gift. Destination wedding, I think they're cool. It's up to whatever that couple wants to do. You do you. You appreciate them and move on. Keep it going. When people judge the couple, you're like, this is the one time that's about them and their union, like adapt, adapt to the couple or don't go. I agree.

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{"duration":"1:46","description":"It's a wedding themed Fishbowl Friday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69283246","title":"Destination wedding: fair or foul for friends and family?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/destination-wedding-fair-foul-friends-family-69283246"}