Hot new celebrity hair trends: Beyonce's braid and more

Celebrity stylist Vernon Francois shows us how to achieve some easy celebrity natural hairstyles.
5:33 | 11/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hot new celebrity hair trends: Beyonce's braid and more
Our next guest the hair genius behind Serena Williams, Willa Smith and many more. Today he's going to teach us how to do some natural hairstyles. Welcome celebrity stylist Vernon Francois. Hey, love. Hey. We have the beautiful Maria here. I have the packed hair in my hand. What look are we creating? This beautiful pony braid that Beyonce was wearing recently. One of the great ways to prep your hair for any hair texture especially if your hair is on the curly type is to quickly blow dry it out, spray some moisturizing product in there and blow it out with warm heat. Get a nice fluffy texture. Get it up into a nice tight ponytail. Then you want to start adding in this is a way to keep it natural. As you start braiding, add it in and go down the track. You take a piece, add it in, just add it in as you're going along. It creates a nice dimension. You got to be quick. Keeping girls in the salon isn't always cool anymore. You have to braid it quick. The more colorful you get, the better and more eccentric it will be. You have a little brown and little bit of blonde. I'll hand this over to you to keep braiding. Do you know how to braid, keke? Of course I know how to braid. Are you kidding me? Just the hair wraps around the center here. Get the natural authentic look here. Do that. Put it in. You're ready to go. It's that simple. Now, I want to do the side by side we have here. Show the side by side. Boom. Beginning, inspiration, and what we have. Maria, how do you like your look, girl? It's so cute. Wonderful. We've got Casey here. What look are we going for with her? Ciara has been doing this really beautiful ponytail with lots of volume. We put some product in here to dry it out a little bit to get more texture. Even though Casey has lots of hair texture, I added some hair extensions in to give that extra va va voom. We all need that little bit of va va voom. I know I do. You use the medium curling comb on the natural heat. This gives it a more authentic look. Casey, were you surprised you needed a hair extension? You have such thick hair. Yes. I never used hair extension. It was an exciting trick he used on there. You put it in. Then you start pulling it out. Literally you just start doing that. She has great hair. Just take some hair and wrap it around the top section. You can be messy here. You don't have to be neat. It's all about exercising the texture here. The more I pull it, the higher it's going to go. I'm a genie in a bottle. Let's look at the side by side. We have you from -- there we go. Ciara. That looks strong. Really beautiful. Magical. It's my turn. Now I have my girl Shania. What look are we going for? We've got this beautiful bun. He's my assistant. We're going to do this beautiful up bun. What we've done is prepped the hair. We do single twists at the front and then put this in the back. The most important thing about this is aligning the balance with the fringe and your hair texture. My beautiful model has different hair texture. That doesn't mean we can't achieve the style. Pins, please. We just pull this out and just -- because her hair is a little thicker, it will be like so. Then we do like so. You just pin it through. You want to pin one? Nope. I'm going to hand you the pins. I'm just trying to get involved. The goal is to work with your face shape. I use the arch of the eyebrow to bend it. That helps. Whenever you pin back? Yeah. Go to the arch of the eyebrow. That's where you lift. That's a good trick. It frames your face nicer. We have a nice side by side for Shania as well. There you go. Shania, I love your first picture. Shania, do you like this look? I do. You look so good. I never thought to do a sideswipe because I thought it was childish, but I love it. That right there is not childish. That's "Grown-ish." See what you did. There you go. Thank you, Vernon. Vernon, thank you man. You're welcome. I love when you come. Check out his product line sold nationwide at Sally beauty.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Celebrity stylist Vernon Francois shows us how to achieve some easy celebrity natural hairstyles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67109638","title":"Hot new celebrity hair trends: Beyonce's braid and more","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/hot-celebrity-hair-trends-beyonces-braid-67109638"}