Issa Rae, Lakeith Stanfield and Stella Meghie talk Jay-Z, pet peeves and "The Photograph"

Plus: Lakeith freestyles with Keke, a special message from Sanaa Lathan and more.
7:49 | 02/14/20

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Transcript for Issa Rae, Lakeith Stanfield and Stella Meghie talk Jay-Z, pet peeves and "The Photograph"
I'm so excited about our next guests, all three have really pushed for diversity and inclusion in the film and television industry. And their last project "The photograph" is no different. Check it out. What did you think about the movie? To be honest I was a little distracted. Wait. I kept running back in my mind how you might respond to me asking you for a drink after? So that was you asking me? In my mind it wasn't that forward. It was more smoother than that. Please welcome the stars of the movie, Issa Rae, lakeith Stanfield and director Stella meghie. Hello, hello, hello. You know, all weekend long, everyone was telling me that they can't wait to see this movie. We need a movie like this. Can't wait to see this. Issa, I want to go back to the Oscar, there was a short film -- you were the voice of it -- for "Hair love." It won the Oscar for best short film, how did that feel for you? I was just proud for Matthew to watch what he created from a tweet, then to a bestselling book, to then an oscar-winning short. I was just honored to be a part. You know, he asked me, he wrote a long e-mail to ask me if I'd be a voice. I'm so glad it resonated with so many people. That's awesome. And Stella, in "The photograph" this is like a love story within a love story. You wrote and directed it. So, tell us about the movie and what your inspiration was. The movie is about Issa's character Mae, her mom has just passed away, leaving her a photo and a letter. He starts digging into her mother's past. We start seeing this love story in the past with her mother as she gets to know lakeith's character in the present. It's intertwining love story. And actually, the inspiration isn't exactly what you'd think, at the time I was writing it, my grandmother was being reunited with the daughter that she had given up when she was really young. I didn't know. My aunt and my grandmother was meeting her for the first time. Going through these emotions. Different kinds of love. Now, Issa and lakeith, your characters fall in love and their date goes surprisingly very well. I have to ask y'all, how are you with first dates? Um, I -- I typically like the element of surprise, so I like to do things that are kind of unconventional, unexpected. Okay. Like what? Look at Sara. Sara's all in. I'm married. It's been a while. No, you know, I just might do something visually that's little bit -- it seems like a bit of extra going on our first date. I want to make a splash. You live once. I am bad at them because I don't know when I'm on date. You don't know when I'm on a date? It's a different time. Everything's so casual. I have been tricked into dates, not knowing, I wouldn't have said, to me that makes it not great. If you end up with a guy alone they're into you. It could also be a business meeting. Exactly. Let's work. I'm like, yeah, okay. No, I mean let's work out. Work out. A different kind of work. It's a different kind of work. And speaking of work, though, this isn't the first time you two worked together. Jay Z cast you both in the "Moonlight" video. Where you re-created the show "Friends." I'm curious, what is the call like when Jay calls you for the video. For me it was random. I was in the car and I was chilling. I got a phone call and I was like, hello, it sounded like Jay. I know this isn't -- he's like, yeah, it's me. He invited me to do the music video. I was like, yeah. I'm not going to say no to you. I played it cool. I wasn't going to say no. When I hung up I was like, Yo -- I know you love love and basketball. You have a special relationship with that movie. That film is what you made you decide to be a filmmaker, why? It was simple, set in my neighborhood, directed and written by a black woman and it just moved me. It made me realize and made me think that I could do it, too. I stand by that movie forever. I know she's tired of me -- You know, Issa, it's so interesting because you never realize the things that inspire you sometimes, you know, maybe later you can be an inspiration. Isn't that right, Sara? We have a little surprise, actually. Check this out. Hello, Issa. That means so much to me because you are an inspiration to me and to so many who are just representing because we know how much representation matters, especially in film and television, and there are so many kids coming up that get to see themselves reflected in you. And feel good about themselves. Keep inspiring and can't wait to see "The photograph." A huge inspiration and a huge part of why I loved that movie so much. Thank y'all for that. That's so cool. I have to put you on spot, first time we hung out, they had a freestyle moment and you really threw down and did your thing. I did. Today at "Ssk" let's throw a beat on and let's freestyle. Okay The theme Valentine's day. Come on. Get the mic. All right. All right, all right, all right. Say love is something that you manifest inside. Once you learn that you know you've been one. I fell in love about ten, 15 times. I forgot. But I'm still not going stop until I rise to the top. So watch this mic drop. Okay. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Yo, Valentine's day is today. So much love in the air I don't know what to say. Thankful for my passions, thankful. Ssk is here to say. For all those watching we appreciate. Don't forget to check out "The photograph" with Issa and lakeith. No reason to laugh. Make sure you all go out and see the photograph. It's in theaters today. Make sure you guys check it out.

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{"duration":"7:49","description":"Plus: Lakeith freestyles with Keke, a special message from Sanaa Lathan and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68986703","title":"Issa Rae, Lakeith Stanfield and Stella Meghie talk Jay-Z, pet peeves and \"The Photograph\"","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/issa-rae-lakeith-stanfield-stella-meghie-talk-jay-68986703"}