The Jake Paul, Zayn Malik social media feud

Should Gigi Hadid haven't gotten involved in Malik's online fight?
2:58 | 02/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Jake Paul, Zayn Malik social media feud
I'm starting us out today. On Sunday morning, YouTube star Jake Paul tweeted some major shade to singer and former one direction member Zayn Malik, they were at that Jake seemed pretty angry. We can't talk about the tweet. The language was that bad. It would be one big bleep if I read it. He claims that Zayn tried to start a fight with him with no reason. Zayn's girlfriend Gigi hadid responded back. In defense of her man. She called the YouTube star insignificant -- burn -- and embarrassing. So the question is, should you get involved with your partner's fights? I would. Keke would -- Above all else, this is my best friend. If you come after my best friend -- I think when you go to fights, though, you get into a fight and you get that extra adrenaline, people lose their minds. I say people get hurt. The next thing you know, you're laid out and you forget who you are. Because you got knocked out. I would. It depends on how -- I may let it go for a minute but if somebody's that disrespectful off the block -- you can't just sit there and take that. I think it's hard it's kind of like when you're talking about my own family, I can talk about my mom but you better not talk about my mom. Instinct kicks in to protect them. When I first looked at this story, I would never get involved on Twitter. At that point the behavior you're almost endorsing it by commenting. Someone brought it to my attention, this YouTube star has a lot of followers, he dropped that into his community and you don't say anything? I'm like -- But when you do something, though, you're going to hear back from all those people, no matter what, they're a fan of that person. That person can do anything, they don't care, they're always going to be right. They're always going pile on. Social media, if you don't use it right it's destructive. If you're frustrated with it, I'm like this -- don't be mad at me and put it on Twitter. Be mad at me and come see me in person. When you're Michael Strahan's size you can say that. No, and it's not like a physical altercation. Like this, be -- have the same energy to come to me and say it to my face. Because you find out, people on Twitter say the most vile things but they won't say it to somebody's face. I'm so sorry I didn't realize you actually paid attention to it. Who else is paying attention to it? It's mine. You got to calm it down. We need more love, less war in this world.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Should Gigi Hadid haven't gotten involved in Malik's online fight?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69179429","title":"The Jake Paul, Zayn Malik social media feud","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/jake-paul-zayn-malik-social-media-feud-69179429"}