Keke and Michael's ALDI Checkout Challenge

Find out which team can guess the correct prices on these fabulous ALDI products.
4:48 | 12/05/19

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Transcript for Keke and Michael's ALDI Checkout Challenge
your wallet but thanks to our sponsor, Aldi, we're giving to give you fun, money saving tips. However you holiday, Aldi has everything you could wish for this season including premium food, festive decorations, and a robust assortment of entertaining essentials and gifts for everyone on your list, all at prices that will make you merry. I love that. We are going to play a game called the checkout. Michael and I have partnered up with a member of our audience to guess the prices of some Aldi products. Our two players today are Ashley and Melissa. Here's how it works. We have three stations. I'll tell you a little about the products on the table and then you will give the price of each product. Whoever guesses closest to the retail price wins the round. Whoever wins the most rounds wins the game and goes home with a $500 gift card from Aldi's. Sara, Melissa told mehe is the shopper in the family so she's feeling good about this. Okay, you got this, Melissa. I got it. Let's start right here. What's not to love about a gift of wine and chocolate? This display includes a bottle of malbec and pinot grigio. It includes dark chocolate, toffee crunch and dark chocolate sea salt caramels. What do you think the total for all of this is? The wine and all that? Yes. Okay, guys. Are you ready? Let's go with team keke first. Hold on. $35.25. Are we ready? Yeah. $43.99. The actual price is $19.45. Team keke takes that one. Okay. Michael, back to your station. You're breaking rules. I'm taking a piece of chocolate. Okay. Well, the price just dropped. Next up, Aldi has tons of cozy items to keep you warm during the winter including a weighted blanket. This therapeutic blanket is engineered to help you keep calm throughout the holiday season and can cost double at other retailers. How much do you think the Huntington home weighted blanket costs at Aldi? And you're see it there. Okay. We are going to go with team Michael. Team Michael. $69.72. $63. The actual retail price, $39.99. Let's go. Melissa, next time you can be with keke. Okay. So, now our last round, not sure what to serve at your next holiday party? How about a charcuterie board. This spread features gourmet deli selection, aged cheddar, brie, wine, chocolate truffles. Plus this ornament that was designed by experts for a fun twist on a hostess gift. So, how much do you think this full spread costs at Aldi? We're going to go with team keke first. $50.50. What costs $50.50 ever? And team Michael, $41.71. The actual retail price, $29.78. Whoo! Come on out here, guys. I messed Melissa up. I messed Melissa up. Our winners are Ashley and team keke. Ashley, that means you are going home with a $500 gift card to Aldi's. Melissa, we will not leave you high and dry even though we teamed you with Michael. You are going to get a $100 gift card. Thank you. And of course we can't forget about the audience. To help you get started on your holiday shopping, Aldi is sending you all home with a $100 gift card.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Find out which team can guess the correct prices on these fabulous ALDI products.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67521549","title":"Keke and Michael's ALDI Checkout Challenge","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/keke-michaels-aldi-checkout-challenge-67521549"}