A Password To Paradise door-knock surprise

Karen Dickerson is about to get the surprise of her life at her front door.
3:14 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for A Password To Paradise door-knock surprise
this. It's the moment you've been waiting for. It's time to reveal the second winner of our password to paradise contest. We got tons of submissions. One woman named Karen Dickerson from Maryland stood out above the rest. Take a look. I recently retired. 33 years of service. I deserve this vacation because my family totally destroyed my retirement vacation. Can you believe that? So I decided to inspire myself to do a do-over. Can somebody refill my drink for me please? No. Okay. As you can see, I need a real vacation. Got my bags packed. Got my passport and I'm ready to go. I loved that. She's great. She's great. Our producer Dean is outside Karen's house. She has no idea she's about to win her dream vacation. Dean, are you ready to surprise Karen? I'm ready to surprise Karen. I'm hiding behind a giant bush. Here we go. Hopefully she answers quickly. He looks so good with his suit on and everything. Here we go. I hope she's home. I hope she's home too. You better start banging on the door. Hello. Open up the door. Hold on a second. She's here. Karen, you're live on "Strahan, Sara & keke." You are the winner of our password to paradise contest. Are you so excited? Look at Karen. Michael Strahan, Sara Haines and keke are there right now. You won. You're going to St. Lucia baby. They're all cheering for you right now back at the studio. You were one of our finalists. You're the winner. Now that you know you're going to St. Lucia, what does it mean for you to go on this trip? You've spent three decades of service. You're finally getting that retirement trip. What does it mean to you? Oh, my gosh. I need a do-over. My trip was destroyed with my family, all the stress and all that. Now I get to go and celebrate again. I get to have a real celebration. In St. Lucia. Yes. Are your bags packed? Yes. Look right here. She's got her bags packed right there. She's got the whole set-up. She's ready to go. You're the winner. All right, guys, back to you. She's going to St. Lucia. Congratulations, Karen. So excited for you. We hope you enjoy your dream vacation which includes two round trip flights and a five-day, four-night all-inclusive stay at the bay garden beach resort and spa.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Karen Dickerson is about to get the surprise of her life at her front door.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67109790","title":"A Password To Paradise door-knock surprise","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/password-paradise-door-knock-surprise-67109790"}