How should Sara handle her high maintenance child?

Sara needs advice on how to deal with her son Alec's needy requests.
4:16 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for How should Sara handle her high maintenance child?
This was sent in by starent beach she is three young kids. Settlement clearly my geo tagging is not off. If he's on the capture all eventually. My campaigns. To get knocked out I didn't know feed it now. Alerted day OK thank you and it's a liking the parenting issued I'm bringing this to you because I came in to parenting. Thinking I knew what I was doing. Everybody does. Yeah and then I had kids. And I learned very quickly that I am not very good at this. And we came in thinking we'd be really strict parents and then you're looking and in certain scenarios were really strict and then all of a sudden art three and a half year old has turned into this character that relate. What's going on here so now we're dealing with an issue in the middle of the night were Alec calls for us he's 300. And whenever we're both awake regardless of who goes. Who goes in one of us goes in in the next one tags out and then they go in it's throughout the night in the scenes these issues that demand a screen. Are my foot out of the covers. My butt itches whom I think that's one of his favorites and I want to turn to that side. I'll it's so we sure we come back to the room is like what was in this case without again. We practice putting covers on during the day so he knows how to do it at night not the other kids Newton much less than they even. Much a lot of like they're there I literally six month old he'd cry for anything but my three half Ural cannot do anything in Maloney in its teen are nights away. We thought we restrict. Michael. Gave me schooling months when he said you need to stop this now this is you're you know you've done ads. I did because if he screams of little face off he sharing a room with my other my two year old. So much like do you wanna be the tough guy indeed the tough parent argue want to screening and no chance. Yeah yeah. Mosley used her. I go down well thought about. My face I know you don't want him to screen wake up the other you're a year to of the I don't sleep until my originated this move move one of the kids how to win a living and the wonder how much linen up I. Put him on the Tel. Does he does plan could get on a copy good you've got to wake he'd need to understand how what do you know how it affects the other kids in for you it may be a pain now. But you've got to go to Lou paid to that later were on you had the pleasure him behaving properly. And I. I did so like I. Yeah. Don't want to left that you want is for your kid to be uncomfortable anything like that. When did you call me out of would be easily scratch you can tell me who live think she could you can roll over. And I could scripted too she admits outfit and they put. Oh you look to Siegel me in pain from club that Al ansari. I'm sorry I'm sorry did no way you gain cater you have that they have different. I I don't know I I knew I loved my kids and it paid fulsome down to see them go through some things but I'm only gonna be there my. Credit rating. I I need help and my friend but not emanate need to channel your toughness when I coming your like a zombie can barely like. But my clothes on some half asleep but you're gonna help me you know what do this then those things now let go would do love uncle Michael. And economists see that the all angles and execute my I didn't have a new way you can pick. I and he let's. Yeah a little foot fishing boat near the and then me didn't you act creating the bombs. How CNN eighteen if you'd like hey I'm needs the money. And how Wimbledon live at best but that's part been the goal would be key is okay. And that's still there.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Sara needs advice on how to deal with her son Alec's needy requests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68355499","title":"How should Sara handle her high maintenance child?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/sara-handle-high-maintenance-child-68355499"}