Sara and Keke transform into disguises to see how they get treated as men

Sara and Keke disguise themselves as men and head to the streets.
9:01 | 10/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sara and Keke transform into disguises to see how they get treated as men
He and I were going your some pretty serious training to go undercover. Aaron skin was so far ten on what what happens live as Mendon. We're ready to take any Collins challenged after hours of voice training behavior coaching and full special effects make up. We wanted to see what it was like taking our male Alter egos out New York City. Take a look at shine int he lane in action from. I don't know. Me getting he would want to so polite but people. I. Did you notice subway and trend of the upper west side. I am now they say letting you may yeah. Yeah. Didn't you know subway and Portland. They. Why he left here and journalism who get. Insults. That's had told. Woman sitting across from me was like Ares I looked up and I might love that. I have no right if I'm not nice it guy no that's what exactly. They don't make eye contact yeah. That's where it's different is very good when I'm home. Big Russell Martin and hair that is not afraid of what's on the field I'm willing to one in the eighties and working for you. Everyone else is looking out but clearly we are. Can't feel my pain pain. Okay Harry in the clearly they can't make. Get health. I land clean. You're doing yeah. New Orleans. Yeah because yeah. Yeah. Okay. You bring Mary yeah. I like to let. Found out. Everything. That story in the wake. He Lindh was received by employees I don't know outlets using that was my one tell they were reading me totally man I need not feel that feeling of being checked how far my body. And I got you added weight. It's not backing I don't bring me. I didn't everything else feminine. I just couldn't talk about it's to love my colleagues from the watcher dobbins live IT department. Kelyn and shall I. It does have a special surprise Kelyn Sean yeah do this yeah how brilliant. It's. Okay. Okay. I'm. Okay. Okay. But I did my basically didn't. Further while. Published Gideon. Really you know. If it broke some updates are right men don't even make eye contact it's kind of like that they get bottom of the masculine thing look at that. Men afraid to election oh or yet that you feed them with people in her eyes that we had to hide that. All at the barge music do you drive and flirt back. Oslo but yeah. Also sent them to a woman on the street in I was McCain and like it present invention. But Demi god let me. The boys you guys knew there wouldn't work you plug goes like you dog every day. Ice. Aren't higher and dean unlocked upping it up your voice and I'm like. In Louisiana. Yeah. Not let me because I didn't realize that guys are and in the meeting in like really meaty scenes you know rule would have brow I. Anyway I don't really trying so hard not to be mines now they can cancel it also difficult look at guys social Becton in the same way it women do. She felt like really stat the could be really up titans did. You don't touch and I hope I always wanted to be dude patted me I like to play. One cat you know like. Or are Iraq. I'm currently it looks like he's really like light attack and need. I would with keep my composure because duke Nolan it. Yeah. We don't we let yeah waking. And yeah. I've you know. I'm probable. You say thought about it. Pick up. Control my time to put on the makeup but nobody told make me globs street two deputies. Obvious happy you have with them pain and of men go through right now. I know what does it you can do that. So let's face peanut actually talking about other ways and technical and yeah we're like all right we're not done we. See how people are treated for different reasons you know we should do. I'm man I had gotten an inch on any time so why don't I go out hang out with few limits. Pulmonary week he really can't street credit we would be so cool off a really cool with keen. But all I've got to say is if you go here don't somebody be reminded to bomb you back to. Voice over and got enough that he wouldn't you don't do that all right. Well there's going to be three hands on into even rehabilitate the so yell what.

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{"duration":"9:01","description":"Sara and Keke disguise themselves as men and head to the streets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66419531","title":"Sara and Keke transform into disguises to see how they get treated as men","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/sara-keke-transform-disguises-66419531"}