'SSK' at the 2019 CMAs with Garth Brooks and more

Third grade teacher Joshua King hit the red carpet for country music's biggest night.
3:59 | 11/14/19

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Transcript for 'SSK' at the 2019 CMAs with Garth Brooks and more
I'm. Yet got to see in this that's right a few weeks ago we had a third grade teacher named Joshua king. Who came but it's still apathy it lives bill all my eyes morning school announcement. Went viral. Take a look. Yeah. It's okay cool. Good. Man stands there then yeah. Hey you and me yeah oh yeah. They didn't need only thing that it's me. Well you know after the pair of Monticello. We think it's included in teen being via made about a special purpose. Amazing. So we sip about again the cover last night country music awards. Just here to see amazing this is your red carpet report card it's like virtual card. Nancy teacher from California really we everything about this to likely court that you have a son Camilla they're keeping our growth saying yeah. Third graders did you called on you can definitely do you did you have the coolest teacher a lot right now. I don't know ideas are for the town's red carpet report card he stopped Tennessee for me to hear any years says he. It's. Yeah that's right good job don't tell yourself you got this yeah. We eat again. EU SSE. Actually there's TDs. Three times for. Two six times eight. Since Sunday is 48 that's not something that teacher I had to get out pools. There is you know paying adults are so that's for you guys who'll start you know old starting to plan our red carpet report card and have so much fun and hang. You just become best friends. We are backstage at his teammates let's see who we're gonna get to talk to tank givers so get nervous. Oh my god the show's makes me so nervous the first time I was ever. That I ever performed. On the CMA is Billy Ray Cyrus won't pass the news came at a UK and some is nervous decent man. Crap about the people in that audience many as its people at home I love you my students or kids homelessness he meets tonight. What would be your message and nice of them to be your she's winning the whole thing about tonight was don't let there be a ceiling and he just because you work dual core of Kuwait and Jean. I just got to talk to Garth Brooks. We're losing my mind cool staying. And her amazing. Think you're so good that he knew they are looking nervous at all like you've been doing this whole life. What is your favorite part he goes sales oh my gosh so just. Getting to see you're gonna get to talk to you have no clue who's gonna walk up and who's not gonna lock up so just go with the flow. And once someone comes up he's good to talk to them they're so excited to be there are the best part of last night was it in to talk to Garth per. I got out at CNN here how amazing a huge celebration. He's just so down to earth I asked him to you send a video reminds him going to Saint Paul K King Family. He was so down to knew that since my mom she was dragged. I just got a college loans or else now easing somewhat unexpected to happen. It will lot of really good energy last night with girl power and is celebrating women that a media. The amazing opening number last night was just like stellar. But lot of people on the red carpet hey Carrie Underwood India entertainer entertainer of the year entertainer of the years. And then she didn't entertainer of the year and so its very expected but Garth Brooks also deserve it is there yeah very much yeah. If you were awesome.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Third grade teacher Joshua King hit the red carpet for country music's biggest night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67016072","title":"'SSK' at the 2019 CMAs with Garth Brooks and more","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/ssk-2019-cmas-garth-brooks-67016072"}