Upgrade your kitchen with Tory Johnson's Deals & Steals

Omaha steaks, cookware, cutlery and more in this week's incredible deals.
5:11 | 10/22/19

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Transcript for Upgrade your kitchen with Tory Johnson's Deals & Steals
deals on items that will upgrade your kitchen. As always, we partner with these companies to bring you incredible savings. Tory? What's up? Let's get started. It's not just about upgrading. It's about furnishing. You've got a new place. I do. I told Tory I need all this stuff. This is the first thing I'm buying you for your kitchen. This is from green pan. They're ceramic, nonstick and no toxins. A lot of times nonstick has some toxins in them. These are green pans literally. They'll be great for cooking. Very easy cleaning. You're not going to have to use all the oil and grease. You don't have to scrub. These two are amazing. It's hard to burn the food. You got it. You need that. Normally they start at $56. Today they're slashed in half. They start at $28 and free shipping. Free shipping! We like free shipping from green pan. These are knives. These are some sharp stuff, kids. With holidays coming up you need great cutlery in the kitchen. A lot of times you bring in plastic. It's disposable. Not so eco friendly. This is great cutlery and flatware sets. You can look classy with fancy flatware. You'll appear classy. Everything is not as it appears, people. While saving a lot of money. These sets are normally $30 to $250. Today slashed up to 73% starting at $15. Down to 15 and 55 bucks. Less expensive than plastic. It lasts forever. You're very eco friendly. I am. Can I press the button? You can, but it's not plugged in. We don't have electricity. I'm sorry. Tommy would have did it for me. This is a really good blender. It's from omega. Can I drink this? You can. Leslie will be so excited if you taste it. They're so good. Taste it. They're not bad. Sometimes with -- I don't want a smoothie right I'm being smoothie shamed. You can put whole fruit in here and entire ice. Cheap blenders break when you do this. This is an expensive one, but it's durable and it will last. It's a large size so, when you're cooking for the holidays, you can cook for everybody. Think about your fresh soups. You can do a lot in this, hot and cold. I always make a fresh soup. Almost $400 for this baby. Today slashed in half $198 and free shipping. I need all this stuff today. This is awesome. It's like a lazy Susan. It is. This increases your cabinet space. Look at this two-level one. Typically you're fumbling for spices and you don't have to fumble around. I can spin it around. There are two level spinners. I'm in love with this. I need this. I have so many products in my bathroom. I'm always rummaging through. All of us have a ton of spices you never open. Because you can't find them. This makes them accessible. Starts normally at -- what's that number? 35 bucks. I don't have contacts in. Today it's $17.50 to $22.50. 50% off. 50% savings. There's a variety of sizes and colors. This I really like. This is also eco friendly. You bring your lunch to the golf course. Yep. It has the great silicone strap on the back. I can make really fancy fabulous lunches. The mug is amazing. It's ceramic lined, silicone on the outside. Everything is dish washer and microwave safe and no plastic. I love that. No plastic. No disposable. That's great. This is eco chic. The colors are fabulous. It's very comfortable. It's comfortable to hold and sip. This is so Michael. Normally $25 today. Slashed in half $12.50. I do love this. From Omaha steaks. You were just telling me, Omaha steaks can be expensive. We've got a huge assortment of meal packages to choose from. A variety of sizes, options depending on what you like to eat. These are great gifts. It's an amazing gift. It's a great gift to yourself. The packages normally start at $90 for the ones we've chosen. Today slashed in half $45. Worth every bit. Tory, thank you as always. Thank you guys. We're going to hook up your apartment. You did this all barely being able to see. I cannot see. She didn't put her contacts in today. I have you guys. Our audience is going home with products from Omaha steaks. You have 24 hours to get any

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Omaha steaks, cookware, cutlery and more in this week's incredible deals. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66445169","title":"Upgrade your kitchen with Tory Johnson's Deals & Steals","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/upgrade-kitchen-tory-johnsons-deals-steals-66445169"}