Vernon Francois' kid-friendly hairstyles

The celebrity hairstylist shows you three ways to style girls' natural hair.
7:04 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for Vernon Francois' kid-friendly hairstyles
Last time our next guest was here, he taught us how to care for different natural hair textures and this truly proves that representation is key because a little girl named margaux watched that segment and learned something new about her hair that she then taught someone else. You got to check this out. No. That's exactly wrong. No, you just massage. You don't do this. That gets it even more tangly. You just massage. Oh, I watched "Strahan & Sara." There was a hairstylist on there. Do you know what his name was? Yeah. Vernon Francois. He is the genius behind Lupita nyong'o, Serena Williams and willow Smith. Please welcome celebrity hairstylist Vernon Francois. Vernon, how amazing was it to see that. It's really emotional. I know. I tear up every time I watch it. It means we're doing something good. I know that's the root of everything that you do is to make people think differently and feel better about their hair. Absolutely. Appreciate you for that. Thank you. And today we're working with young girls. We know we can often go through life feeling not as comfortable with our hair and it actually starts here from when you're wee high. So today we're going to talk about embracing your texture and all the cool, simple things you can do without using a lot of product and keeping it very soft and airy or fluffy. Yes. Now we got Zoe. Hey, Zoe. Hi. I see your mom Theresa. Hey, mom. Where are you at, mom? Give a wave, hey. Tell us what we got going on with Zoe's hair today. So cute. What style did you want to learn, Zoe? So today I wanted to learn the fro-hawk because I feel like it's very bold and funky and to me that's totally my style, and a good outfit and a good hair-do is a good day. Okay, all right! Let's see a quick before of what it looks like. Do we have a picture of the before? Yeah. There it is before. Beautiful there too. Beautiful hair. Okay, and now we're getting to the after. Yeah, all I've done with Zoe's hair, with this hair texture it's so fragile so my goal is to keep the hairline soft and be polite with it, don't be aggressive. I've done a flat twist so we keep the integrity of her hair texture and then I'm just literally taking this into sections and you use colorful bands like so. Accessorize really nicely. You see what I've done here. Put a little accessorizing in here, click it down and literally start to fro it up and have some fun with it. And this whole thing is about making it look really cool. But the key thing is the back of the hair is really fragile so I put this up like a half fro-hawk so if it starts breaking you wrap it with a silk scarf and you have it for a week. Oh, my gosh. And I love what you say, that it keeps the integrity of the hair because a lot of times we think we have to do all this over product and manipulating of the hair but this is your natural beautiful texture. It had looks fab. How do you feel, Zoe? I feel amazing. High five. Tell you right now, you got that baby hair laid down too, young lady. Vernon, come on over here with me. This is my friend charisma. Her mom is in the front row. Charisma, what hairstyle did you want to learn? I really want to do a French braid because I play soccer and I do dance. So, like, I always have a ponytail and I just want something a little more fancier, you know. Like, to be honest, ponytails are a little boring for me. So you want a French braid. Yeah. Every dad out there is quaking in their boots, man. When you hear French braid you go, not me. So please show us how to do it. The trick is to do big plait and you get the plait and start to push it out like so, so you get this romantic texture. It almost cheats the eye that it's a French braid when it's not. Now it looks more romantic and nice and fluffy. Now what you want to do is section it. It's all about the sectioning here. I'm going to bring this to the top. There you go. Come on, Vernon. So cute. I thought it was just the regular way. I didn't know there was more. You start to do like so. Absolutely adorable. You see where we're going now, huh? She's got the big smile on her face. She's happy. All you do is pin and have fun and it literally is such a beautiful, easy, effortless hairstyle. I am obsessed. What I've done as well is I've used the same accessories if you noticed on every single girl. Just to show you that accessories are unique to you and knob else and just to have fun with them. I'll be honest with you, this is so cool I'm going to grow my hair out now. Nice to keep it soft and authentic and just be your most beautiful. When you see her face light up, that kind of confidence comes with the hair. I love it. You look cute. Okay, Vernon, come over here. This is Taylor. Now, Taylor, what did you want to do with your hair today? I wear my hair up a lot so I wanted to learn some styles, how to do it down and I really like half up half down because it's the best of both worlds. Okay, first of all, let's see the before and after of Taylor. Okay, you have good hair. Good hair, right. Really good hair. So with Taylor's hair she doesn't normally like to wear it down because it gets in her face. What I did is accessory the hair in front. Normally when you do half a ponytail it's a very simple style but the way to get most out of it and keep body and volume is to take a very small section. You see from the sideline that most of her hair is out so now we have body and can play with I'm putting this into a high ponytail here. I'm not being neat. Like perfection and art and fashion comes from just being your most authentic self. Good because I used to spend so much time trying to get it straight with no bubbles. No, it's literally about being as free as you can be and literally taking your hand here and making a knot and you twist it and pin it and have fun and literally this is -- you pin it almost until you have the look that you want. A little top knot. Exactly. And you can just, like, mess it up as much as you want. Normally what we do with hair is pin it down nice and flat and then -- head up for me. That is so cute. And then you pull out the hair and start to bring it in front. You have this situation. It's just about letting it go really bushy. I'm going to take this one out here and keep messing it up. Well, your new hair-do isn't all. Vernon is sending each of you home with a bunch of products so you can keep learning and loving your own hair. Thank you, Vernon. Thank you, Vernon. Thank you so much. You guys, make sure you check out his new product line, I love it, which is sold nationwide at Sally beauty, okay?

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"The celebrity hairstylist shows you three ways to style girls' natural hair.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66347877","title":"Vernon Francois' kid-friendly hairstyles","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/vernon-francois-kid-friendly-hairstyles-66347877"}