Hilarious 'momfessions' with Cat & Nat

Sara hosts another round of real confessions from real moms.
6:57 | 06/06/19

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Transcript for Hilarious 'momfessions' with Cat & Nat
Whenever in the car with my little ones, say we're driving home and they start crying because they see a playground, I will turn on my windshield wipers and tell them that it's raining. Welcome back. It is time for round two of mom-fessions, and thank you so much for all your comments on social media. They've been pouring in and cracking me up. But Christine on Instagram wrote, when my daughter was still in a crib and would wake up at night, I would wake up my husband to tell him I had just gone in and it was his turn and hadn't ever gone in. So, to kind of blow this up more because we're having so much fun indulging in this journey, we have two moms who keep us laughing while sharing real and relatable moments on their YouTube channel and Facebook live show, all while building a digital safe space, safe space, for moms. Please welcome authors of "Mom truths", kat and nat. And your brave audience member who we plucked from our audience today. Candy is here and she's ready to mom-fess. Candy, do you want to start us off. I'll kick off. Throw you right into the fire. My name is candy. All: Hi, candy. Hi, guys. My mom-fession is that several weeks ago I was inside of a target and my son decided to give his best demon impersonation where he was kicking and screaming and throwing himself on the floor and spitting. It was glorious. So I took full advantage of everyone telling me that my son doesn't look like me and announced to everyone inside of target that I was going to tell his mother how he acted when we got home. It was a really good moment for me. I felt good. That's amazing. I love it. You know what, there's no right way to handle a tantrum. There's no logic to a tantrum. I feel like that might be a mom hack, like kind of on the -- I put that into my back pocket. I'm going to use that one. I love that one. It's always a lose/lose because if you give them a phone or a cookie there's someone in the other aisle that's like, maybe you shouldn't have had kids if you're not going to pay attention. Or if you're struggling they're like, so you don't like having kids. You have a toddler story. I love the spitting. They have spit on me for sure but I was at a toy store and my fourth child wanted some legos and I'm not just going to buy you legos because if you buy you legos once, I'm going to have to buy it every time. We live in a busy city in Toronto. We're at an intersection, and he throws down on the cement going crazy and I stood there with my coffee and I looked at him and I was just like, let me know when you're done. My other kids are like, don't you care? It's dirty on the floor. I tried to keep it calm. On the inside there was fire. Have you ever tried to pick up a kid and they're flailing. You can get bruised. They also take you out. You don't go in for the drowning. You let them do their thing. They're strong little creatures when they're mad. Sometimes they're hitting -- For so small, the strength that they can get to with their madness, it's crazy. I wanted to tack on my mom-fession because I find sometimes we're big disciplinarians and we want to fight now so we don't fight later. The problem is the discipline is so exhausting. My mom-fession today is that sometimes I pretend I don't see what's happening so I just don't have to handle it. Yes. Brilliant, brilliant. You know what, your other kids are too young to call you out. When I pretend I don't see it, they're like, mom, aren't you going to do anything? Teddy is doing that right there. I'm like, I am very busy right now. I am on a work email. You deal with it. Now my husband is picking up on it because Alec is not supposed to tell people shush. We associate that as shut up. So he'll start quieted and I'm like, so many things are going on and I'm like, shush. He's like, can't you hear that? I'm somewhere else, somewhere else. The more you have, get ready. Things go off the rails every second. We are both pregnant right now so remember to keep this conversation light. I'm sweating in panic. It all works out. Children are beautiful miracles. Everything's going to be great. I've heard that 1,000 times. I already have a child so I know that that's not true. By the way, we have four kids, three kids, one and one on the way, two and one on the way. It's too many. We're outnumbered guys. Should we sit in, like, child order? No, we need help. You have a mom-fession too. I think there's so much pressure on moms. There's so much pressure to do the right thing, whatever the right thing is, and there's no right thing. I remember -- I don't even remember what baby it was but eventually I made it. They're all blending together. It must have been the first, I made it to the doctor. The doctor, I called like, is it time, is it time, we need to come. The third one they're like, you're a year late, kat. So I go and he's like, so, you're breastfeeding. I was like, yes. I lied. I lied to my doctor because I felt like it was a quiz. Like, I felt lie I was like, should I be answering yes or no. Is this a question, is this a demand? I don't know. I'm sweating. The other one is like, are you potty training? Yeah. But no, I'm not. The lies snowball. The lies just go and you're in a play group and they're asking questions. You're like, is this the right -- moms have so much pressure just to -- is there a right answer, I don't know. In my mature motherhood ways now I understand that it's okay to do it your way but when I had a newborn, the pressure of getting it right was so intense and I just remember I left and I called her. She called me right away. I was like, I lied to the doctor, like, I literally lied. The first lie is the hard one. The rest just come very easily. Yeah, and they're like, mine still has a -- she's almost four. I know they're going to go crazy. As long as she doesn't do that at high school graduation you're cool. Exactly. The doctor is like, no more. You hide it from her friends. Hide it, no, she doesn't do that at all. Kat and nat, thank you. Candy, thank you so much. If you have a mom-fession you want to share with us for next time, please tweet us using the #imomfess. You're not going to want to miss this.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"Sara hosts another round of real confessions from real moms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63533061","title":"Hilarious 'momfessions' with Cat & Nat","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/hilarious-momfessions-cat-nat-63533061"}