How to throw your dream wedding for less

Find out how Ashley Hicks threw a wedding party for 150 for only $3,000.
4:42 | 07/15/19

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Transcript for How to throw your dream wedding for less
"The Washington post" reported that a growing number of couples are taking out loans to pay for their weddings. Online lenders say they're issuing up four-times as many wedding loans as they did a year ago. Well, we read about a bride from Raleigh, North Carolina, who avoided wedding loans. She recently threw a wedding for 150 guests for $3,000. She's definitely got some secrets worth sharing and she just happens to be right here in our audience. Please welcome Ashley hicks. Oh, my gosh. Now, Ashley, you're actually an intern at our ABC affiliate WDTV. Yes, yes. Now, have you always been this thrifty? Yes. Always? I always save money. Save three cents to the gallon when I go to the gas station. I have an app for everything. What sign are you? I'm a cancer. Yes. That means you're really emotional. But my husband is a taurus. Okay. Now, how much did your wedding dress cost. $100. How? Like, I just don't understand. Like, how? What type of dress? What did you do? How did you pull that off? Listen, I had, you know, the sweetheart neckline, I wanted to do off the shoulders. I went ahead and I went to the expensive bridal shows, I went to the store, tried on the dress. There's the photo. You look gorgeous. Thank you. And I wanted to see, you know, how it fit, and I wanted to get the regular bride feel. I was like, okay, I'm going to take this, they got my measurements and I bought it from an online retailer. My dress came in two weeks and it was only $100 and it was already altered. Did you give yourself enough time to switch it out? I'd say, I'm a planner, so we were in premarital counseling in November. Yes! And we booked the venue in November, but we didn't get engaged until February. I was already, like, I'm getting married. Let me go ahead and figure out what dress I'm going to get. We got engaged on Valentine's day. You were looking at dresses before I did that? Yeah. Pre-planning. After you saw that price and you saw that dress, how did you feel she looked? Number one, she looked amazing. First of all. When she told me, I was like, $100 dress, we're going to have a terrible wedding. It looked like $5,000 dress. Hands down. So sweet. The other tips to help us save? Yes, I did a dessert bar instead of getting a huge cake. We had two cakes. Go to a high-end grocery store and they have really good desserts. We got cupcakes, we had a doughnut area. And we had two cakes. One the one we cut and the other one was for guests. Use your grocery stores for your food in regards to your desserts. Okay. And the next thing that we did, we used our resources. I go to a Christian church, I used the church, my pastor let me do that, so that was nice. One thing I realized is that a lot of the wedding venues we were touring they were doubled the price on the weekend. I just told her, if you plan your wedding during the middle of the week you'll get a deal on everything. Lot of vendors don't have any gigs during the week. So they'll cut you a deal. So we did that. Our deejay worked with me at my other job. Our photographer, we did some work with him. So utilize your resources? Yeah, utilize your resources. And then a lot of times, you know, we want to support the people that surround us. Use them versus somebody you don't know. Pretty much you don't have to break the bank to have a wonderful wedding. Thank you. Thank you guys. If you need help planning your

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Find out how Ashley Hicks threw a wedding party for 150 for only $3,000. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64343402","title":"How to throw your dream wedding for less","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/throw-dream-wedding-64343402"}