Young boy gets caught selling (root) beer

This Utah youth is a marketing genius.
7:04 | 07/22/19

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Transcript for Young boy gets caught selling (root) beer
of moms. You know who Blac Chyna is? She's like a pop culture influencer, in every way of the word. She has her new show out right now called, "The real Blac Chyna." The show has drama, a journey trying to mend her relationship with her mom and generational curses they have. I watched the show and I really found myself rooting for her. Because like we talked about earlier, everybody has stuff in their family. Everybody has their issues with their moms. You can love your mom to death and then there's other times, people have disastrous relationships with their moms. They're trying to get back into the mama fold. It's something that I feel can Exactly. We have a clip, we'll roll it. Nobody took care of [ bleep ]. I said after this. Five days You your hand in my face again. Five days. You're going to stretch [ bleep ] Across the Sink. Don't touch me no more. You do it again, I'll rock your world. Oh, my gosh, the drama is at an all-time high. It also shows camaraderie. It's just interesting to watch. Check out. On zeus network. A digital platform, check it out if you have time. We have this little boy, 2-year-old boy from Minnesota, his name is Kenneth and he was reported missing last week, turned out he had rirden to the county fair on a toy tractor. He was a little upset. He didn't get to go to the fair, he just took matters into his own hands. And took off on his little tractor and then his parents called police. They found him ten minutes later. They were terrified. It was upset to see his parents. Because he hadn't gotten to go on any rides yet. That's a brave 2-year-old. This reminds me of a story when I was a little girl. My parents and I went to a vacation on the Jersey shore and my parents were taking a nap and I was really upset about it and I wanted to go to the beach, so I did. And my mom wakes up from a nap, when I came back from the beach, I want to go. Like, but mom, I wrote you a note. I was too young to write, I drew a picture of me walking to the beach. What's so funny, you guys were brave kids. My mom always used threats to make sure I didn't leave. She would if you leave, Julius Caesar is going to get me. So, you guys are really brave. I mean, I was just like, I wanted to do what I was going to do just like this little guy on his tractor. But so, they took him to the fair a couple nights later. But he's been grounded from his tractor. Oh, man. Well, on Tuesday a police officer in Utah got an unusual call about a young boy who had been spotted selling beer in a cooler outside his house. Okay, so neighbors were concerned. You know, you can't do that stuff in Utah. Well, especially, not anywhere, but Utah especially. I mean, it's not like his parents were being like, here, go make an extra couple of bucks. You guys, it turns out the kid's named Seth. He's a marketing genius. He hold up a sign that said ice cold beer. But police discovered that "Root" was in tiny print. Just like my cell phone contract. These kids today, ice cold beer and then the "Root" like teeny tiny. That's so cute. I think he's already accepted into some sort of law school. Yeah, they did say, apparently, his ice cold root beers have been selling off the charts. All right. That's good news. Shout-out to him. Now, a 35-year-old, this is a great story. 35-year-old guy in Philadelphia identified as Jermaine scaled 15 floors Thursday night to check on his bedridden mom who was trapped. There was a fire in his building. Firefighters were like, you can't go up. He's like, yes, he was a real-life spider-man. Had fallen earlier that day and cracked his hip, he gets up, mom's fine and then decides to come back down. All right, you're good, mom? Okay. What's so funny, he actually tried to be a firefighter like some months prior, and so I'm thinking to myself, you all need to get this guy a job. The firefighters never called him back. Kind of like one of my dates, you know. Not one of the dates, girl. When they don't call me back, I assumed they died. They had to have just passed away, child. What's going on with you, Anne? So, I mean, August 4th, new season of "Worst cooks in America." I'm doing it this season with my good old friend and be rival, Bobby flay. So, I mean, it's a whole list, a whole bunch of lovable losers that come around. What's the process of that show, how much time do they really have? Do you guys help them out? Oh, absolutely. We have a little clip if you want to see. Two of the country's best chefs. Anne Burrell and Bobby flay. 14 terrible cooks. They're really bad. Culinary sheros. Did anybody taste anything? Take on kitchen zeros. That looks really weird. This is not my fault. On "Worst cooks in America." That's ridiculous. Oh, my gosh. That was a great clip. I mean -- They're really that bad. People come up to me all the time, they're like, are they really, really -- I'm like, we don't have to fake that. I'm not a good cook. But you love to eat. I love to eat. I'm great with breakfast. I can't really cook like that but I make a mean egg. That's me. All right, well, eggs are one of the hardest things we cook in the kitchen. Looks like you have a little

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"This Utah youth is a marketing genius.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64488504","title":"Young boy gets caught selling (root) beer","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/young-boy-caught-selling-root-beer-64488504"}