Here's the best athleisure to wear while you work from home

Fashion expert Melissa Garcia shares how to look your best and still feel comfortable while working from home.
5:08 | 07/06/20

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Transcript for Here's the best athleisure to wear while you work from home
So as we know most of the country has been working from home for months now and that has had a significant effect on a lot of things but also on our wardrobe. Many switching to more comfortable clothing which means big business for athleisure companies. Take a look. Hey, hey, hey. How are my best girlfriends? From sweats to track suits? What you call insanity I call inspiration. Reporter: Athleisurewear is lunging in more and more as we work from home making up almost a quarter of U.S. Apparel sales. I love athleisurewear. Not only can it be professional on top but comfortable on bottom. Reporter: Since the pandemic hit, retail me not reporting a 32% increase in demand for casual clothing expect to be valued at $257 billion by 2026. I have this little stack of jeans and then all of these leggings and shorts. It's all about being comfy. Reporter: It's also trendy. Brands incorporating popular prints like tie-dye into the I can throw on a sweatshirt over bike shorts and it's a look but it's also comfortable. Reporter: So sit back, relax, it's time to get comfy. Fashion expert Melissa Garcia joins us with work from home looks that can work for you. Good morning, in fact, we'll start with we asked our "Gma" viewers so we have what they wear during video calls. Let's look. Sweat, number one, 38%, pajamas, 20%, same as in the office, 15%, my favorite, 27%, I'll never tell. Do these numbers surprise you at Good morning, Amy. Actually the one that surprises me the most is 15% of people are still getting dressed like they're going to the office but they're staying at home. That really surprised me but that also leaves 85% of the people still wearing probably Yes, exactly so you actually have some looks for all of us so we can replicate at home that combined comfort with some professionalism as well for video meetings so using our "Gma" staff who have been working from home so we'll begin with Nicole. She is starting with a look for an important business meeting with clients. Tell us about what Nicole is wearing. Yes, so as we know sweats are completely acceptable these days but I love the idea of doing a matching set. You don't want to look like you pulled out your pajama sweats but that it's intentional and that's what this does. It looks polished and put together and refined and it's still incredibly comfortable and the best part you can't mess it up. You're essentially just picking out shoes which you are probably not wearing anyway so a great way to just elevate your sweats. This one from aerie. The top and bottom are matching and come in a wide variety of colors on sale right now. Both are around $30 each. So cute and affordable and, Nicole, way to work that living I love that. All right, let's go to Sara now. She is wearing a more casual look for internal meetings with your colleagues that combines joggers with a plain tee and still looks professional, even Anna wintour is getting in on this. Yes, you're right, Amy. So joggers are officially back on the map, Anna wintour giving them her seal of approval. She actually posted a picture of herself wearing them on her social media and what I love about joggers is that they're the perfect blend of casual and sophisticated. They have a sophisticated silhouette. They're alomar tapered and more tailoring to them but still that yummy, cozy fabric and paired it with a simple basic tee. This one is pink with a pop of color and easily put it with a basic white tee and put a statement necklace or earrings to dress it up and love the idea of a headband. That is a great accessory for your zoom meetings if you don't want to do your hair, throw it on and put it back in a messy bun and good to go. This set here is from B.T. Collection and the headband from scrunchy. Your quick tip to show your shape in these clothes. Yes, so if they can see you from a little bit more than the waist up, my tip would be just to tuck in your shirt to accentuate your waist a bit so you don't get lost in your t-shirt or sweats. Nicole with us now. She is wearing a simple body suit but you say that this can be a quick fix for a meeting in a flash. So, wow, she's looking good. I know. So believe it or not, body suits are making a comeback and not the ones that you pair with jeans or shorts but full on body suits. We recently saw J. Lo sporting one so they are officially back on the map and before you sort of cross them off your list, let me tell you why you'll love them. First they're incredibly comfortable. They're great, again, if you have a last-minute meeting, throw on a lightweight layering piece. Here we gave her this Levi denim jacket. You can put on a cardigan. They pull together so nicely and so well. Beautiful. Thank you so much and thank you to our "Gma" staff.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Fashion expert Melissa Garcia shares how to look your best and still feel comfortable while working from home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71625711","title":"Here's the best athleisure to wear while you work from home","url":"/GMA/Style/video/best-athleisure-wear-work-home-71625711"}