Target announces early Black Friday deals

The Minnesota-based retailer will feature weekly deals for the rest of November both online and in-store so people can plan ahead and avoid crowds.
3:26 | 10/30/20

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Transcript for Target announces early Black Friday deals
We will shift gears and turn to Black Friday sales coming early this year with so many shopping online due to covid as many as 3 billion packages will be delivered during the holiday season by one estimate. Is 25 packages per household. Rebecca Jarvis is here with the best deals out there. Good morning, Rebecca. Reporter: Good morning to you, Cecilia. They are staggering numbers and the goal T year is to get consumers out of their pandemic induced shopping hibernation so instead of one giant black Friday sale, you're going to see multiple sales in that run-up. Black Friday. We're used to seeing this. But this year it's going to look a little more like this. Those scenes of people crowding around the front of the stores waiting to get in. Very excited. We're not going to see that mostly because people can't gather. Where people will be gathering, online. Reporter: Black Friday deals getting early start this year and instead of one day, some retailers are rolling out deals all month long. As soon as Halloween ends, I would say right at 12:00 A.M., you're going to start seeing Black Friday deals. Reporter: Target announcing its Black Friday now deals are starting this Sunday and will be featuring weekly deals for the rest of November both online and in stores so you can plan ahead and avoid crowds. Target's first set of deals feature beats studio 3 headphones 50% off. Bose quiet comfort headphones $100 off and the ring video doorbell 3 marked down $60. And target isn't alone. Best Buy also releasing their deals early with some of their biggest deals available now like this 70-inch Samsung L.E.D. 4k television which is $220 off. And starting next Friday, home Depot customers will be able to access deals online and in store like $300 off this GE washer or dryer. A lot of the deals right now are really just trying to get consumers excited. My advice is to make sure that they are watching the deals specifically and in some cases they may want to wait. Orter: If you see something advertised at a lower price later, if you buy it early on in the season, don't forget to ask for a price adjustment. Target has changed their policy this year so that if you buy between November 1st and December 24th and you see something at a lower price anywhere lower in that window on target or, you can ask for a price adjustment, Cecilia, and you should get it. Okay, that's good advice. We saw big shipping delays at the start of the pandemic. Rebecca, are the retailers prepared this time around? Reporter: Well, you said it, Cecilia. At the beginning. There are billions of packages that will make the rounds this holiday season and while Amazon and target and Walmart have all hired more employees, temporary employees this year than ever before, the number of packages that sheer volume is expected to be more than 5% greater than the actual number of people who can deliver them on time. So the best advice here is to shop early if you need something at a specific time and be prepared for those delays, Cecilia. Not only are you my friend you are my shopping guru. Thank you very much. For more holiday shopping hacks and money saving apps and tools visit Coming up, learn about fire

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"The Minnesota-based retailer will feature weekly deals for the rest of November both online and in-store so people can plan ahead and avoid crowds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73921048","title":"Target announces early Black Friday deals","url":"/GMA/Style/video/target-announces-early-black-friday-deals-73921048"}