Axiom announces 1st private mission to International Space Station

Here’s how Axiom Space is embarking on the new and thrilling frontier of space tourism.
2:22 | 01/26/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Axiom announces 1st private mission to International Space Station
We're going to look at a new frontier in tourism. Space. A private company is giving us a first look at the first private mission to the international space station. Gio Benitez is back with that. Hey, gio. Reporter: Hey, George. Good morning. We're not talking about professional astronauts here. For the first time ever one company is planning to send an entirely private crew O into space and this morning, "Gma" has an exclusive first look. Liftoff of the falcon 9 and crew dragon. Reporter: The groundbreaking announcement taking space travel into a new era. Regular private citizens set to lift off in t-minus one year. 71-year-old Larry conner is very much not an astronaut. He's a real estate investor and Somebody said to me, you'll be the second oldest person ever to go into outer space and my response, which they already knew, I think age is overrated. Reporter: Larry and three others will strain for 15 weeks with axiom space managing commercial launches commanding the first flight decorated former nasa astronaut Michael ellay, the cost, $55 million. The 1920s and '30s only wealthy people could fly. That's going to happen in special spaceflight. Reporter: Now he's axiom's CEO and says research is his north star. There's pharmaceuticals made today on orbit you probably don't realize. There's pharmaceuticals made on the ground that you don't Reporter: A mission Larry Connor can't wait to be a part of. What is your wife saying to you. She's seen me do a lot of really unusual things, so the look is usually like this and that's here he goes again and she's right. Here we go again. Reporter: He is a character. Larry and the rest of the private crew are expected to launch nex January. They're going to stay up at the international space station for about ten days and ABC news will have the exclusive access to their training all year long. It's very exciting, George, so stay tuned. I thought you were going to say you were going up with them

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Here’s how Axiom Space is embarking on the new and thrilling frontier of space tourism.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75484817","title":"Axiom announces 1st private mission to International Space Station","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/axiom-announces-1st-private-mission-international-space-station-75484817"}