Biggest US cruise line cancels trips into 2021

Carnival cruise lines has sold off at least 18 ships, nearly 20% of the fleet, as the industry that has been forced to stop sailing, reels from the pandemic.
2:30 | 09/17/20

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Transcript for Biggest US cruise line cancels trips into 2021
Back now on "Gma" with one of the largest cruise lines in the world canceling trips into the spring of 2021. And selling at least 18 other ships. ABC news transportation correspondent gio Benitez joins us from the waterfront there in New York with more and what it will take for cruises to make a comeback. Good morning, gio. Reporter: Yeah, robin. Good morning, it is a question many are asking right now because cruise lines have lost billions of dollars over the past six months and now one major cruise line as you said is selling ships. This morning, new signs of trouble on the high seas. One of the largest cruise line, carnival, selling off at least 18 cruise ships. That's nearly 20% of the company's fleet. It's really a stunning amount of money that's going out the door. We're talking about a cash burn at carnival corp of more than $700 million a month in the last few months. Reporter: The industry's money problems began in March when cruise lines were forced to stop sailing. The CDC still has a no sail order in effect through the end of September. But many expect that to be extended. Carnival sold 8 of those 18 ships telling us the ships being removed are our older less efficient ships that would have been removed over time. Cruise ships can cost hundreds of millions to build. We don't know who these ships were sold to but industry experts say they usually go to ship scrappers or lesser known cruise lines. Carnival this morning also canceling multiple itineraries into the spring of 2021 but both carnival and royal caribbean say a slew of people are still booking cruises for next year. For royal caribbean more than half of those were booked within the past few months. People still are booking cruises and if we can get through this, the cruise industry can come back and probably even continue to grow. Reporter: But some doctors aren't convinced that will happen any time soon. We're too early to be able to feel comfortable on cruise ships right now. Reporter: Still across Europe several cruise lines are already back in action with less passengers and no buffets including Costa cruises which is owned by carnival. Now, some of those cruise lines in Europe are testing passengers before boarding. Here in the U.S., royal caribbean says that is very likely part of the plan when they restart operations. Robin. Most likely will be. All right, gio, thank you as always.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Carnival cruise lines has sold off at least 18 ships, nearly 20% of the fleet, as the industry that has been forced to stop sailing, reels from the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73068755","title":"Biggest US cruise line cancels trips into 2021","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/biggest-us-cruise-line-cancels-trips-2021-73068755"}