I tried horse therapy and it changed the way I see my life

Do horses really have the power of healing?
5:08 | 01/29/20

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Transcript for I tried horse therapy and it changed the way I see my life
Kandahar and I am happy. Yeah. And hanging and getting ready eve to. Take a diet into you equine therapy. Creek canyon ranch. And women arrive at and retreats of course as it usually they've ban on a similar routine. For many air it's. Not the name Gil stuck. And male models come and failing completely depleted mean and by being with her. Who are sensitive and who would have animals. Things really can help but connect into what's right for. You're spending a lot of times. Talking about. Things you want to achieve over the course of the next year. And each other things that are kind of keeping me from being my arm tactics often. Some a little nervous because the horses are and a tell me something about myself. I don't necessarily. Want to know. Training. Plane slightly and eat eat of that report. Charlie is. Has. It like it's no different. He. This is a somatic experience that the courts meaning it's all about being in your body. It. Friend from perhaps a yoga retreat because a worker with a live animal. And the sales giving us instant feedback. And any moment as to what they're picking up and reflecting back to us about who were being in the moment. If this. From. What are smile. Charlie is super com she's a very sweet words. There's still some apprehension. Around. More a brunch the morning think we're gonna it's going to be okay. And it scared him. Which annually too much paint. You think you are you in. This. If you're reading. The time. It's. Oh I get a sense very quickly. With somebody's body language. With that tone of the leaks. What. Amy. And I and trust my intuition. And with a horse they're telling me. About what to ask that person in the moment that'll take them to their place of truth. So that they don't I. That would come I just costs. Howard and clean any. As well as well here it can't. Eighty year old daughter is still passionate. About courses. So what is it why not here was like it understand that passion and a little bit more and bond with her. I deeper level and she bit lot. A. Women come into this mostly solo travelers. And are able to bare their soul pretty quickly because there is trust. Really a place in Spain where strangers can be real it gives either and there's no judgment. And that's what makes it. Emotionally say. It's possible. Slowed it. I mean. Tomorrow. Penny plus plus frantic. You often smiled when here in the moment. Seniors. And who eat them and he didn't mind. I. If you ask. What is and what you can't. Just hear Mars. In bleach to conquer this figure it's. It's a.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Do horses really have the power of healing? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68597253","title":"I tried horse therapy and it changed the way I see my life ","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/horse-therapy-changed-life-68597253"}