Inside Disney's new Toy Story Land

ABC News' Paula Faris goes inside the brand new attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
2:38 | 05/02/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Disney's new Toy Story Land
Prayers are excited about the new Toy Story land is opening soon at Disney World. Call a fierce got a firsthand. Look. We met them over twenty years ago. We're all very impressed with Andy's new toy totally beat all locked all. Now woody buzz and they gagged her heading to a brand new land we're just outside the entrance and a brand new Toy Story land. Here at Disney's Hollywood studios as you can see still a construction site but there's a lot of excitement. For the June 30 grand opening anticipation is building even for one familiar voice. I am buzz light year. I come in peace it'll be the deep till stuff that I wanna see what you hold what you touch wanna see how they incorporate that live experience they've moved the bar it's going to be very exciting. These characters are allotted. And the world's at Pixar films are so remarkable they're worlds that you want to be. Let me ask now. Okay. You'll find two brand new attraction and feeling and swirling saucers hey sleeps. Right airplanes and slinky dog dash roller coaster. It's easy. You came would be. Where we easy that's ten grand. We'll be waiting at the end of the ride. For the first time we're seeing him here in the attraction moving around they'll be singing you've got a friend in me if you got a friend. Establish a recount. Downstairs called red. You know what to do gaffes are dead and. And didn't Toy Story land you never know who you might run into you gotta get me good cushion Snyder got a guy. I sat for Good Morning America polar bears eating. Oh boy who did not love Troy Troy Amanda and her body and audience there are out of sight of the got a little good near outfit that would let go live now to to a three lead we're Bud Light years argued standing by. It starred Michael Strahan here. The report. We are here at Andy's backyard everything is buttoned down and we are. Go all right space meant let's. Already fit move on now that's exactly what they did you could see it right here is Toy Story my head. It's open and what's your view for more behind the scenes sunny Hostin will face her fears on one of Disney's world Disney world's fastest rise.

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{"id":54876824,"title":"Inside Disney's new Toy Story Land ","duration":"2:38","description":"ABC News' Paula Faris goes inside the brand new attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios.","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/inside-disneys-toy-story-land-54876824","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}