Rookie RV drivers could pose a danger on the road

Millions of Americans are hitting the road for family vacations amid COVID-19 and many are turning to RVs for the first time to get there.
3:38 | 07/09/20

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Transcript for Rookie RV drivers could pose a danger on the road
We are back now with the new trend in summer travel. Many are turning to rvs for the first time but these rookie rv drivers could run into trouble. A story we first saw in "The Wall Street journal" and gio Benitez has more on that. Reporter: Hey, good morning. I want to take you inside an rv to show you why these are so popular. It's no wonder why. This one is for a family of five. You got a bed in the back here, this table will turn into another bed and a bed in the front. But now some drivers are warning others that driving one of these is not so easy. Rv sales and rentals are seeing a boom in the age of social distancing. And accidents like these are a cautionary tale of what not to do on the road. For some new drivers like Gina anon there is a bit of a learning curve. It feels like you're driving a truck. Reporter: She and her family bought this rv to travel from their home in Massachusetts to visit family in Arizona. But the trip took a turn when they stopped for coffee and suddenly heard a crash. I jumped out of the rv and I looked and the pole that is next to buildings to protect the building, I literally just slammed right into it. It took a repairman two hours and 200 bucks to get them back on the road. They aren't the only ones. The harmridge family bought Ang rv in March to travel during the pandemic. But they're having some difficulties maneuvering their new ride. You're essentially driving a house on wheels. Whenever we tried to park the rv in my mom's driveway we ended up taking out a bush, a branch. She essentially had to relandscape her entire yard. Reporter: Safety experts warn there should be some research before just jumping in the driver's seat. They're just different. It's heavier. So the stopping distances are longer. It's taller and so you have to watch and you are limited in some instances. Reporter: Other tip, first take the rv to an empty parking lot and practice driving. Have a spotter when you're trying to back up and premap your destination so there aren't any low clearance bridges or as for the anon and harmridge families they're looking forward to their next trips maybe with a slightly wider turn. And, gio, rvs aren't the only way to get it away from it all. How else are people doing it? Reporter: You know what, Amy, we are seeing interesting search trends on Google right now. Take a look at this because the big breakout searches this week are for road trip and healthy road trip snacks but the search giant says that more people are searching for staycation and hiking than ever before. All-time highs there yet many people are clearly desperate to get away right now, searches for covid vacation ideas going way up by 500% in the last two months. Incredible numbers there. People trying to get creative and getting stir crazy, gio. Thank you so much. You didn't have any accidents. No, no accidents but how did it go? It was great. It does take some learning to realize you are navigating a much bigger vehicle like all those people were saying, so, yes, we had spotters when we were backing up. There's my daughter. I had a wing man or wing woman because you get sleepy sometimes driving all those distances and we had Brody with us, as well. We had seven people in our rv That's what I really want to what is the secret to family harmony in an rv? I would say it's for the difficult times you grow closer. It wasn't all harmony but we ended up feeling a lot closer at the end of the it. Looks like a great trip.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Millions of Americans are hitting the road for family vacations amid COVID-19 and many are turning to RVs for the first time to get there.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71688210","title":"Rookie RV drivers could pose a danger on the road","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/rookie-rv-drivers-pose-danger-road-71688210"}