10 moves to get a body like Britney Spears

If you want a Britney body, you better work!
4:27 | 07/24/18

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Transcript for 10 moves to get a body like Britney Spears
Yeah yeah. I I and I'm Jack and and a fitness and stuck to any art and today eminence he this year. Out to Greg Natalie pretty scary at home now but now. If you I think animates scary experience it and see exactly denying it opera right out. I'm and it Danny and me teaching had a season we'll body workout. So excited to try this and who doesn't want a body like Britney. And the first man over India C must watch out to you like your legs to be still there was some pirates jumped up and back down. You'll be slowed them down. Hi I'm. It's flat sound is going to be its polo but man it's make everything nice and tight rein. And Smith is ten leg brazen ID sky news you want your hand you test an ambulance team you play. And down and began is going to be we'll work out and it's also network your court to live on 65. Afternoon and light rays have been easy and got off collects different if I needs I really think. It's live end spot Soledad back. Putting him but we'll love any. And all the way it is and it completely. And then you come back up. There aren't that not home yet knowing black if you have dug a lot act anything but you can use that. It case you don't have them. How are going to be moving from the lagging Lee break out. Q are iron and sold advised that crown doing your arm probably down. And you're gonna bring your album that instruments diet and slowly earlier. And then I'll lay that down in it is and time. And I'm here. In meeting at ten times while I may fifth gonna go all the way out. And all the late dad asking athletes you do when it but I element. Of art it's here I'm not him. Laid out had him. Let it seventh man ever gonna get a little bit after about it. Next in Spain from I have to back it. Back. To back. And I think Britney had. And it's the car it is my personal favorite. Route. You money get into your tip. Think that this didn't happen next like your Soledad over here. And to any sweetening everything real high for us here in every it. And down feeling raising your side it ain't Indian isn't done about. It. And that accidents diet. I'm as in see britney's getting out of boasted you don't have a both of boxes sitting on your life in a plant. Your right foot down and then you're going to be allowed without him you're gonna make your right hand by hearing and wrenching pain. And out you and make him a second yes. Read everything I touched sizes that's. I laugh and sign up. And alternating sides claim that the best they ran against no planes. Dropping down here Alba. And you're gonna slips to eighth right sky plane. Well that's that's his second Akeelah diamond and and then stick to it. Am very in the end really yelling and I'll love and actually thought about it that. Want to breaking night than anywhere.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"If you want a Britney body, you better work!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56764126","title":"10 moves to get a body like Britney Spears","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/10-moves-body-britney-spears-56764126"}