Ally Love shares ‘Basics of Bossing Up’ for 2021

The Peloton instructor and motivational speaker is inspiring others to start each morning on a positive note this year, as well as helping many stick to their goals.
5:45 | 01/19/21

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Transcript for Ally Love shares ‘Basics of Bossing Up’ for 2021
bring me a higher love Usually it's Sundays with love, it's Tuesdays with love. Coming in hot this half hour. We're joined now by someone who is inspiring us to start the year off right. Ally love, one of our favorites. She is a peloton instructor, a host, CEO and founder of love squad motivational speaker and she's here to tell us how to boss up in 2021. Ally, we are like-minded. The intent is not to teach or preach, it's to remind people the good we have inside of us but you know, girl, in a year like this, S midst of a pandemic, how do you tell people to boss up and stay motivated? Well, first off I want to say thank you so much for having me. So good to be with you and see your amazing faces. With that I will say it's two thing that is come to mind when we think of this year and think of challenges, you said it in a teaser, we don't want to create change right away and only do it at the top of the new year. Less is more is true and the second thing is you're already good enough. You're already a boss. You're able to set the standard and establish a tone, set a standard by saying I'll do my best every day and go in and set that tone and saying, I have the power to make people feel good by vibing at a higher frequency. You do make us feel better every time we watch you. It begin, you say, from the moment you wake up. What's something we can do as we start our day on a positive note? Absolutely. So most times I think we think of falling in love with addition. We want to add things into our routine and conquer the world and almost like how can we adore subtraction a little bit more. I start with just gratitude. I know everyone is going to be like, I'm already grateful. The reality is when you love someone, they want to hear it. So if I can be intentional with my gratitude, if I can be mindful with what I have going on and say, I'm grateful for the fact that I can breathe, that I can be here, that I can be present, it's that acknowledgement, that's how I start my day so maybe it's you starting with something in that manner or even taking something off your plate. You used to wake up and do something right away, maybe you do a little less, falling in love with this less is more, this subtraction and being grateful for what you have and not more and that it somehow equals success. We're looking for sustainability and real change and being our best selves. Yes, we are. You know, you have a helpful message for setting and sticking to goals. It's called the one, two, threes of bossing up. So can you give us what number one is. Can we start with that? Absolutely, so, yes, I made it very simple. Number one, the power of one. When we talk about goal setting, establish one thing, I know again concept of, oh, my gosh, you're already good enough, you're already a boss setting standards, doing all these amazing thing, focus on one thing and each day how can you add one thing towards that goal? How can you accomplish and do just one thing towards that goal, not everything because we got life to handle. Just one thing towards that goal. Number two, you say never do two things in a row. What do you mean by that? Never do two in a row. Never two in a row so this concept of live chaos happens. I don't know if you have decided I'll go on this road map and do this thing and be disciplined. When it comes to consistency it's not that you do it every single day but if you fall off, you have the willpower and discernment and grace for yourself to just start again. So I always say never two days in a row, if you fall off never two in a row, fall off your road map or, you know, trying to achieve your goals, just get back on it the next day, go for it's okay. Allow yourself some grace. Ally, number three, you say you should have three people who have your back. Yeah, you have to have your love squad on deck. It's called a rule of three. I always encourage everyone to say accountability shows up in written or verbal agreement. Tell three folks what you're going to commit to, that will usually hold you accountable. It's almost like you're able to keep that promise to yourself by telling it to others. And, you know, ally, you always have so many great ideas how to help us reach our goals. You just gave us three for 2021 but, you know, you're living in the year of love here in 2021 because we hear that you are engaged. Congratulations. Yes, I am engaged. I got engaged, some might think actually I got engaged in new year's but those fireworks were private fireworks on a private beach and my boyfriend asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him. I said yes on Christmas eve so we were able to be very private about the engagement, celebrate with our close friends and family and come into the new year feeling fresh, feeling excited and feeling full of love but, of course, staying focused with the power of one, never two in a row and rule of three as I've set out to conquer this year collectively as a couple, as I am now. That's right. He put a ring on it. Put it down. We can't even see. We're blinded. My eyes. Well, ally love, the three of us have your back. We are in the army of love. Thank you, love army. Thank you, ally. You take care. Come on with your bad self. Thank you all so much.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"The Peloton instructor and motivational speaker is inspiring others to start each morning on a positive note this year, as well as helping many stick to their goals. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75340590","title":"Ally Love shares ‘Basics of Bossing Up’ for 2021","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/ally-love-shares-basics-bossing-2021-75340590"}