Brother surprises older sister with honeymoon of her dreams

Ahead of World Marrow Donor Day, Jack Santos thanks his sister, Shelby Santos, who donated her bone marrow to her younger brother last year.
6:47 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Brother surprises older sister with honeymoon of her dreams
We want you to meet two siblings, jack and Shelby Santos. They are here because world marrow donor day is coming up this weekend. It also marks actually my 7th birthday. The seventh year since I've gone my bone marrow transplant when I was blessed my sister sally-ann was a perfect match. It only happens 30% of the time that a family member -- this is where her stem cells were being collected. You know, jack and Shelby, they know the story very well as well because Shelby was a perfect match for her brother jack. Come on up here, guys. Come on up here. Come up here. I'm so happy to see you. Hi, Shelby. You've got this. Hi. Thank you for having us nice to meet you. Beautiful family. Thank you. It's two rows of santoss right there just so you know. There's grandma. And I mean the support as you see for your family just incredible. Shelby, for you how does it feel to know that you helped save your brother's life? I mean, how do I even put it into words. He's my baby brother. I've always been overprotective. I have another brother hank in the audience. Jack has always been my baby brother so always wanted to help him through life and never thought I could do it this way. I'm so beyond grateful I could. I'm the baby too. It's great to be the baby in the What a moment when you found out Shelby was a match. It's a weird moment and takes a toll on you. It's like you don't really know what to expect. Oh, well, we want people to know fully your story and so we talked to you all individually so you could hear what you felt about each other. Okay. Here it is. Last year, jack Santos was like any other 18-year-old, playing sports, spending time with his family and planning for college. A routine yearly checkup changed everything. I never really, quote/unquote felt sick. I told her I was getting a lot of nosebleeds but I didn't think I felt anything wrong. They checked my blood and tested it. Came back numbers didn't look too good. Jack was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. A life-threatening blood disease. To survive he would need a bone marrow transplant but finding a match can be daunting. He's always going to be my little baby brother. I didn't want to see him go through something like this so it was terrifying but we were ready for whatever brought with it at the time. Jack's big sister Shelby got tested and the family's prayers were answered. She was a perfect match to donate her bone marrow to her brother. This just made us this much closer. I'm just honored to have been the one to be able to help him with that. How are you feeling? Pretty good. A little sore but good. I don't even want to think about where I would be if I didn't have her as a perfect match. Shelby saved my life. Now one year after the transplant, jack has a special surprise for his big sister. Ooh. That's what we call a tease. Yeah, what? You are such a blessing, your family. You're engaged. Your fiance, Garrett, come on up here. Come on up here as well. I want to make room for you, as well. Jack, I feel you. It's priceless. It is a priceless gift. There's nothing you could ever do or say but you do have a little surprise here for your sister. I do. You know I could never really fully repay you, oh, lord. It's okay. As you know make a wish, they granted me a wish before I went in for treatment last year and I was racking my brain thinking about what I wanted to do. I couldn't figure it out but then I reached out to them and they are generous enough to allow me to send you guys on the honeymoon of your choice. Thanks, buddy. Sandal resorts wanted to help jack grant his wish. Here we go, you guys. They'll welcome you to any sandals resort for your honeymoon and you will get five nights in an exclusive butler suite with all the bells and whistles. Whatever you want. They're going to take care of it. And sandals they say love is all you need. You guys are surrounded by love and they just wanted to add a little bit more so now your honeymoon is taken care of from your brother, jack. Jack. Thank you. I mean -- Ever had a butler before. No, I've always had a little brother but I don't know if that It's rare with make-a-wish that they grant somebody who has a wish grants it for something like this for something. Actually the first time they've done this. Oh, my gosh. You are rare. Yes. What does this moment mean and what do you want people to know? I mean, I -- I am obviously in shock. This is something that jack has been having to go through so for him to give that up and give it to me is just -- I -- you didn't have to do that and it's just -- Amazing. And I'm just so blessed to have him. Can you also share the message about like I said only 30% of the time is a family member a match, so 70% of the time you need somebody off the registry. When we do stories like this it increases the registry but people are sometimes fearful of the process. You said you were a little bit sore but other than that how was it. Honestly it was so easy. So much easier than I thought it was going to be. You know, it's an outpatient surgery so you're back home that night. If everything goes as planned and, you know, we were in great doctors' hands, soreness for a couple of days but other than that, I mean, if I can be sore for a couple of days to save someone's life who is going through a much more than I am I mean it's the least that I can do. Amen to that. I feel fantastic. I feel great. Oh. What you did was great and you two enjoy those pancakes. Yes. Make sure you do that. Have you set a date? Yes. September 6th, 2020 so labor day next year. Oh, beautiful. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"Ahead of World Marrow Donor Day, Jack Santos thanks his sister, Shelby Santos, who donated her bone marrow to her younger brother last year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65688247","title":"Brother surprises older sister with honeymoon of her dreams","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/brother-surprises-older-sister-honeymoon-dreams-65688247"}