Ginger Zee opens up about her battle with anorexia

She says anorexia is "something that can be managed but never fully repaired."
9:37 | 02/25/20

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Transcript for Ginger Zee opens up about her battle with anorexia
I woke up this morning thinking about food adult go to sleep thinking about food accepting that that part of my brain might never changed is really important. I do think anorexia. Was a part of me here. Look at that disease now as a disease and didn't always see it that way you couldn't tell me ten years ago I didn't understand it. So knowing who it was at that time in the time I really remember anorexia taking hold. I was confused. And scared and I felt chaotic at Alec I had no control of my life and so controlling food. Was the first place to. A. We had moved and after my parents' divorce and then moved again so we had three different homes. When I switch schools between third and fourth grade. I remember sitting in the cafeteria that first a couple of days and realizing quickly that's when you know you don't have friends have think that that cafeteria moment. And it was sad you know look at doesn't want to have friends I had come from the school and happy life that I thought was very happy to having to switch not on my own choice. I still have friends a couple of weeks and an atlas starting to weigh on me and I just said I'm gonna control something and minute make. This katic nasty girl into someone who. Is perfect. And someone who can get it right. And who in my mind that was perfect was being skinnier and doing all the things that pilot looked like. You know sad for me that at that time had an idea who it wants it to be. It had more to do with perfection and controlling. Than it did even with the body. And then it is more pointed to an extreme of section with controlling food and control my. I was such a pity teaches at that first meal that I remember skipping was at his school at Atlanta one sitting on and I just made the decision to shove the pizza. I'm. If ever there at tech has that there weren't lunch ladies that stood by the tracks and Everett tossing the Chang and thinking. Actually it yet and this isn't not only can I control this but it's gonna control and look like. It can control my whole future. I have consult. And that's really what Alex of the rebellion felt. Cool because it was my rebellion and nobody even knew about it. Then it went from lunch at school. To coming home and starting to have a little white lies my that we're cupcakes at the end of the day. And I plan and I'm not hungry for ten. And we and one of those lies wecht it was like. Had won again and every single time wasn't a bit of a game and aid. I had succeeded when I was starving and at standard and in the hair out constantly. On my tiny frame be pinching. Fat that was not there and no we. Knowing that I was doing because people started saying health and but knowing that it was never and a right and so that's the part of anorexia that's Texas Ohio. And he cannot stop your stuff. From going to the extremes and policies and keeps getting worse. And I just kept consuming less. And thinking that was better and better and that's when it really started exit to take on the whole life of its own and so it really was three or four years before. It got to the bottom of where I was so unhealthy that my mom with credit hospitalized me and that's when it really hit. I had been gone from month with my grandmother in the Netherlands. And which to me was like freedom you know the program and Aaron artists and so when I got off the plane and mom to start. As soon as they got there they can and should. Knew that there was something. Area are up. I think an out if one of my friends that that I don't know what you spend months in the medical field she knows. That it's Anthony's and I didn't know intensity. But it took another. 67 years acquiring really started to come out of it. I. I just think about hit. What's ridiculous. I. The spots ridiculous to me it's really. But you feel it when you realize it because there. Killing its couple. It must be watching it held two. And they do I and it's always had. I kept thinking it was my choice. But it was the disease making that choice it is a disease and that the hardest thing for people understand. And even for someone who had it to fully understand that guilt. Of of what I carry since then of what I did to my parents to my siblings to everybody. But you can't look at lake that. I had no idea what a good fat lies had no idea what nutritional I didn't know that food could be good for it I didn't know it food had. Worked different proteins work with different fats had no idea about that stuff in. So that I wished Allison unit if I were to go back and and hand hurt not just in nutrition label but also lake a little bit of science of how. Food works in your body. I think everybody could benefit from that for many reasons but especially anorexic. And that's when I started to learn my stepfather. Is the a counselor he started just dropping in little things like line I am going skiing today. I just plain and on at 450 calories they elected and I think the music industry so to point out that. If you have 260 calories with this. Peanut butter on the sandwich. Things they they'd cancel each other out and I play. It and so then stuck so eat less ISO burn warnings like absolutely. And so he started introducing nutrition for me and it was just an outside voice coming in hadn't then pass straightening and hadn't been trying to tell me that I needed to eat. Anyone telling me I needed to eat he was just giving options. And it is a very open and for me that was extremely helpful. I think my anorexia started at ten years and then peeked around fifteen. And then Wayne's Patterson's. I would never say that it's fully gone but I certainly are cut it. And certainly in a place that I have is relatively healthy relationship with food. My body acceptance is better today after having two children. I would not think anybody who has an anorexic whatever bill let's say that. But knowing what your body part is seeing it right in front of you being proud and grateful that you have that opportunity. Is still. Motivating to say OK so your belly. Isn't perfect. It is never going to be in your mind graphics. It's perfect tens of millions of people most importantly your husband and children. And it should be T. I don't want to make food a big deal. I Spock would be nutritionally sound I want them and I can't just. Eat a whole handful of jelly bellies and feeling that's gonna sustain you for the rest of the day not because of what it makes her body do. Physically but they definitely what it makes your body fueled by and that's what I'm kind of focus and we've done really well with Adrian because he loves Miller reports very strong. So utilizing food as a positive like buffalo are really loves having his protein calcium and this the festival's. That is a positive way of looking verse says when you eat this it's bad and so having that association with food that is positive. Is something that focus act. Thanks so much life outside of anorexia and so where it too. Go to therapy. Start talking about it. Keep talking others about it. We are so not alone. Everybody around him this thing about it. And they might not be doing to the extreme that you are. But there's such a life I just want people to live it and once you let go of that clamp. That holds you in that place it stay so much freedom and it's so much you know. Joy to be had not just in sitting down at a meal but also in just living without that constant. Thing in your brain.

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{"duration":"9:37","description":"She says anorexia is \"something that can be managed but never fully repaired.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69185258","title":"Ginger Zee opens up about her battle with anorexia","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/ginger-zee-opens-battle-anorexia-69185258"}