Are those healthy snacks actually good for you?

Registered dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner reveals the truth behind "healthy" snacks and shares some healthier alternatives.
3:12 | 11/01/19

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Transcript for Are those healthy snacks actually good for you?
food swap. So many snacks claim to be healthy alternatives to our favorite junk foods but a new article in "The Wall Street journal" reveals that many of them aren't actually that better for you so we've got registered dietitian dawn Jackson blatner here to show us some healthier options. Now, first up we'll start with something I'm sure a lot like. Who likes potato chips? A lot of people love potato chips. Exactly. But now we've been told a lot of other supposedly healthier alternatives like cauliflower chips. You look at the stats here. 160 calories, it's got about 10 grams of fat, 150 calorie, 9 grams of fat. Very similar, so here's the deal. Even though there might be a little bit extra nutrition you're still looking at a package snack. Had isn't like you're gobbling up real fruits and vegetables so I have a better idea. You have a more natural option. Ooh is right. I got the real swap for you. They're hungry. You ready for the reveal? Reveal. Here we go. Okay. All right. With in this is just roasting sweet potatoes in your oven. All you're looking at is sweet potatoes and oil and you'll save calories and fat but you'll get good, fresh simple nutrition? Wow, that's really good. I like that. I can do that at home actually. I do do that one. Here's a little weakness I got. Chocolate chip cookie. We got a yeah back there. There are so many organic options but are the ingredients in those organic options any healthier. Oh, boy, no. Oh, boy. Here's what we've got so we've got stats that are very similar and when you read the ingredients which can so important you'll see they both have refined white flour. So even though it's organic, yeah, you're not getting any extra nutrition for that so I've got a better idea for us. What is the swap? Swap it, baby. Here you go. So this is what you could make at home. This is a little chocolate chip bite with rolled oats that is a whole grain. A little bit of honey. A little bit of flaxseed. A little bit of nut butter. No baking. You just roll them up and this is like a little bite and getting real nutrition with ingredients just from your kitchen. I would try that but I got to keep on talking. It looks a little thick. Another great option. Yes. Here is a breakfast staple. Cereal. Cereal. But we do know that it's loaded with sugar. Yes. First of all but some brands say they have protein in the cereal. Does that make it any better. Nope. Come on. So let's look at this. This is like 100, 110 calorie, nine grams of sugar. You get these vergaras with protein. This is zero grams of added sugar. 16 grams of protein but it's all processed ingredients so the swap, you ready for the swap? This is overnight oats you just soak, yes. And instead of all the fruity fake flavors real fruit sweetening it up with nut butter, yeah. You can't beat it. Thank you so much for that and make sure you can try all these things at home, everybody.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Registered dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner reveals the truth behind \"healthy\" snacks and shares some healthier alternatives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66685331","title":"Are those healthy snacks actually good for you?","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/healthy-snacks-good-66685331"}