A look into low carb versus high carb diets

A new study finds carbohydrates in moderation is the healthiest way to go.
2:16 | 08/18/18

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Transcript for A look into low carb versus high carb diets
?????? Time for the download the perennial question, what should we eat? What's the best diet? Lots of people tnk low carb is the way to G others saying it's the oosite. Joining us with new findings is Jen Ashton. Good morning. Good morning, Dan. Ou have a degree in nutrition. That's on top of your medical degree. That's right. Tell us about the latest study. It was bad news for people like me. I follow a relatively low carb diet. It was a rather large study, over 15,000 people led out of Boston followed people for over 25 years. By questionnaire asked them what they were eating and tracked their life span actually, their ri of death. We say in medicine all the time moderation is the results of ts study bore that out. It foundhat people who stick to a low carb diet people whote very high carb diets didn't live song. We're talking a one to four year differenceff the average. Boy, this got my attention. It raises questions about Paleo and all the low carb diets. What amount of carbs in E sweet spot? Tt sweet spot is key. This study found it should be about 50% of our caloric intake. I havehis assortment of food. This looks healthy. It even iludes a glass of wine.e an average day of eating. This is actually low carb. You E sweet to, meal, bread, bananas. This is low carb? Low car according to this plan it's about 30% of your caloric intake. If you're eating 2,0alories a day, you want to strive for about 250ish grams of carbs per Not all carb are created equal. No. That's the key. We're not going to the fast food junk fd area here. You nt the fruits, graand vegetables, the R. The key is that people who tend to eat low carb are eating a lot animal protein. That's not good for us either. Dan, I'm in double. Look great. Thank you. Moderation is the key. Dr. Ashton, thank you very mu.

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{"id":57257519,"title":"A look into low carb versus high carb diets","duration":"2:16","description":"A new study finds carbohydrates in moderation is the healthiest way to go.","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/low-carb-versus-high-carb-diets-57257519","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}