Moderna plans to test COVID-19 vaccine in children

As adults start receiving the vaccine later this month, the drugmaker said it will soon begin testing the vaccine in children aged 12-17.
2:56 | 12/04/20

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Transcript for Moderna plans to test COVID-19 vaccine in children
Keep sending us your creative photos using the #gmaseeyourtree. The coronavirus vaccine in kids. After the fda clears the vaccine adult also start receiving it later this month and modern now says it plans to begin testing it for children age 12 to 17 and Dr. Ashton joins us for more. Tell us about this clinical trial and why it's going to be so important. We've got a , kids are not little adults. That's why there's a specialty called pediatrics. The academy of pediatrics eagerly awaiting data from clinical studies on children, 0 to 10 and have seen moderna and pfizer announce they will start looking as young as 12. Some already have up to 16. It's important to study this group. You can't extrapolate adult data down to children so it'll be important to start these clinical trials. The first adult also get it this month. What's a realistic time line for kids? I've asked Dr. Fauci and Dr. Stephen Hahn of the fda that question. They both have said clinical trials involving the pediatric age group should start imminently January, February 2021 and then again you need at least two months of safety data in that age group so by the summer which is when the phase 5, phase 4 groups will be rolled out kids will be in that group and we should have good safety data. I know when my kids get the flu vaccine they tend to have a stronger reaction. We expect it to. In terms of the kids and immune system it's important for parents to be aware that they do have a more robust immune response so it is possible they could have more sympt after the vaccine, symptoms like fever, muscle and joint pain, fatigue and these may last a little longer than they do in again, notangerous but parents want to plan for that and discuss it with their child's You have a new book coming out to help parents. It's called "The new normal: A road map to resilience in the pandemic era." Tell us more about it. I've heard from so many viewers and patients alike that they are just confused, they want more information T we can generally deliver in a television segment, data is coming in and recommendations are evolving so I really wanted to help people not just L facts which may beifferent tomorrow, but learn to teach them how to think like a doctor and evaluate risk for you, for your family about going to work, schooltravel, all the things that are part of our normal life in pandemic times. So hopefully it will be a big help. A lot of my conversations with top infectious disease specialists like Dr. Fauci are in there, so I'm excited about it. You help our viewers with it every day. Read an excerpt from her book on The book is available for preorder. Jen, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"As adults start receiving the vaccine later this month, the drugmaker said it will soon begin testing the vaccine in children aged 12-17.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74535360","title":"Moderna plans to test COVID-19 vaccine in children","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/moderna-plans-test-covid-19-vaccine-children-74535360"}