College Basketball: Jack Taylor Breaks NCAA Record

The Grinnell player shattered a single-game scoring record that stood for over 50 years.
2:11 | 11/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for College Basketball: Jack Taylor Breaks NCAA Record
Thanks very much. Josh, what a story you have. Yeah. It is remarkable. It's a college sophomore who now stands atop quite a mountain this morning. Grinnel's jack taylor, last night shattered a record that's stood for almost half a century. And he wasn't playing that well recently. But, boy, did the shots fall. Take a look. Grinnel college's jack taylor entered last night's game, just hoping to make up for recent poor performances. I shot poorly over the past two games. Coming into this game, I was really motivated to try to get going offensively. And my teammates made considered efforts to get me the ball. Reporter: And make up for them he did, by scoring a staggering 138 points for the division 3 pioneers, in the process, obliterating an ncaa single-game scoring record that had stood for 58 years. The record rewritten shot-by-shot, as the sophomore guard simply could not miss. I had a stretch, where I hit about seven-consecutive threes. That kind of opened up my eyes, this is going to be special. Reporter: It wasn't just taylor himself that saw that history was, perhaps, in the making. His team rallied around him to see what was possible. At halftime, when I had 58, they wanted to get me the ball in the second half and see if i could keep it going. I'm lucky to have the teammates that I have. They were very unselfish tonight. Reporter: Taylor averaged an unheard of four points per minute in the second half. And he isn't under any illusions that his performance last night will go unnoticed by future opponents. I think I'm going to be a marked man for a while. That's for sure. Now, to answer a couple of the questions. It only took him 108 shots to score those points. A record that figures to last. But if anybody breaks it, it will be him or one of his teammates. Grinnel college, their whole idea to answer your earlier question, george, is to let one team score two so they can score three. The other team scored over 100 points. They had a guy score 70 points in the losing effort. Let's get to sam with the weather.

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{"id":17776861,"title":"College Basketball: Jack Taylor Breaks NCAA Record","duration":"2:11","description":"The Grinnell player shattered a single-game scoring record that stood for over 50 years.","url":"/GMA/video/138-points-ncaa-basketball-player-jack-taylor-breaks-17776861","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}