1920s Luxury Lives on in the Largest Freshwater Pool

There's something in the water at the Venetian pool in Coral Gables, Florida.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 1920s Luxury Lives on in the Largest Freshwater Pool
As a journalist I need to experience the story. To become one. With my subject. Always keep my distance. And be on the -- Today's assignment and the Venetian pool. In Coral Gables, Florida. Here's what I've heard it's the largest freshwater pool in the United States from carved from a limestone quarry in 1944. Here's what I know every day eight. 20000. Gallons of fresh water is. This Mediterranean wastes and that's been the backdrop for the -- video. And at the high standards of Paris Hilton. -- -- has the kids are. Numerous. Performance. Report cards. And I hope that. -- Olympics women's okay you've got started and some pretty cool waterfalls and it's probably cleaner. Then the water coming out of your head so -- -- when they get big gulp when I'm swimming knighthood. You -- probably could definitely have a thousand people and to this day they keep the water sparkling fresh. By emptying and filling every day during the summer months a six hour process to -- the Venetian -- But environmentalists. Relax the water physically. So everything about this -- originally Iraq grave they're looking at for a laugh lines on all of us foundation reports. Not far Iraq actually -- the filter and filter the water back into the -- -- not -- Every day since 1924. With great fruit farmers headed by George -- was dead on creating a middle class -- -- for South Florida. The mission who began as a bloc and it was here where the -- family dugout the law to build the first houses and and what his ankle and. -- plunged some of his two million dollar fortune. Into a dream of creating a retreat sitting on four acres of land in the middle of the bedroom community. In droves that like anybody that again two of bombs -- -- By 24. It started having millionaires. Eventually those rich no birds stopped flying -- The Great Depression -- its empire dwindled to 300 dollars. For the school in Coral Gables. Survived as a year round community and a draw to the rich and famous think. Cool side -- -- we'd like James -- and -- don't like playing the crowd. And later silver screen starlet millions who do few laps. And this is like a clever -- The -- But even without that Hollywood heyday. I discovered there is something of the water. That keeps drawing people -- these pools -- you flights. Her here one of your first. Handed a lovely day there that's what I've been hearing all day long. And millions and hand and there and be successful yes I did so for -- and -- to keep you came right here that's everywhere did. Yes and it was sad CNN news -- place he has there -- no. City hello like other towns have there with the ocean -- -- so you adapt. And -- let's -- my -- did then. Which explains. Why there's -- 91 year old love affair with this South Florida school. Then that when ABC news bald -- floored us.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"There's something in the water at the Venetian pool in Coral Gables, Florida. ","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22614453","title":"1920s Luxury Lives on in the Largest Freshwater Pool","url":"/GMA/video/1920s-luxury-lives-largest-freshwater-pool-22614453"}