20-Second Workout: Is 'Fast Exercise' the Best Thing for You?

Michael Mosley argues that high-intensity, short interval training is the healthiest way to exercise.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Transcript for 20-Second Workout: Is 'Fast Exercise' the Best Thing for You?
-- not be the most. Don't know a lot of work out of the or anything. But Michael -- a doctor turned best selling author says that just twenty seconds of grunting groaning is pushing your way through the pain and the new businesses -- pulling -- Good. The full. -- It will make you not only -- here but I could healthier we're talking about high intensity interval training. Pushing through to absolute limit mostly calls it fast exercise and it's the title of his new book. But -- one minute total three times a week really lead to remarkable medical change and the good doctor suggests the anaerobic. And abuse act a shortcut to get a maximum benefits with minimum work. What's the key a high intensity. This regime doing actual listening and -- to be much more effective. Underneath the losing weight but also for improving your -- sensitive -- -- -- -- controversial take points to a growing body of science which suggests it's the stress in intensity of exercise not to ration that's beneficial. We're talking weight loss reduce cancer risk and something that hits close to home for Michael diabetes. Two years ago I discovered -- was -- I think. How I was being overweight that got me into both both going into the -- exercise regime and now I'm pretty my group. I end my veterans completely normal brain a -- -- that any normal. As a Guinea -- for his own research he stays healthy now but -- -- fancy gym. Everything is there anything fastball Nixon's doing and and you know -- hasn't been Louis Wyman sitting there. -- -- K yeah really running eats another -- -- second workout when you -- do write your own stairwell. In his -- -- fit -- fat. Dozens and he got off someday we humiliating because you're so much faster -- -- -- come back he gets home at night. Really you no longer have an excuse that you don't have time work out -- handle. The fast worked out is just the latest lifestyle trend from doctor mostly he's BBC documentary which aired on PBS. Eat fast and live longer launched an international runaway best seller about the benefits of a two day a week fast diet. It all began with -- wake up call for the good doctor about where his then 53 year old body was heading PRD lost his father to diabetes. But discovered that my -- -- has -- I would that a diabetic my door to -- you need to stop medication. Researchers across the United States have been finding astonishing results from severe calorie restriction. Increase life expectancy even improved brain function so most came up with a diet where -- fast on -- random days a week say Monday and said. And eat what ever you want the remaining five. Just be clear you're not telling people to starve them -- not in. The new regime that I'm suggesting the -- when you ever do that -- -- about it. Mostly believes he can apply the same principles from his diet. To his work down by looking carefully at the science to trick your body into being healthy. -- -- Internet posting. Again the benefits. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and the same is -- exercise. High intensity interval training or hits is nothing new in the fitness world it's the cornerstone of the boot camp drills and while the popular across the -- Daniel -- Honda incorporates high intensity. Routines for his client at Reebok. Sufficient -- -- -- and I think that's some data assailant memo to again cultural Honda says high intensity should be balanced with other types of exercise. -- do you think -- as it got its place but I think you know quite well rounded program it's much more scientific background. Problem is is much more -- okay. But there are critics who say just a few minutes of -- -- really won't cut its exercise should -- it varied and gradual. So high intensity training should be a supplement -- that. And working out with this much intensity isn't easy for everyone if your couch potato and you think -- twenty seconds I'm done. If you don't exercise don't try it on fire in a -- medicine clinic I might want you to. If I need some new clients -- -- when it comes to working out the idea that less is more can be very tantalizing thought it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Michael Mosley argues that high-intensity, short interval training is the healthiest way to exercise.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23048050","title":"20-Second Workout: Is 'Fast Exercise' the Best Thing for You?","url":"/GMA/video/20-workout-fast-exercise-best-thing-23048050"}