McConaughey on Oscar Nod: 'What a Nice Way to Wake Up'

The actor discusses his nomination for best actor in "Dallas Buyers Club."
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Transcript for McConaughey on Oscar Nod: 'What a Nice Way to Wake Up'
Matthew look at and it is on the phone just nominated. Yeah -- are rat are rat. It's -- night literally got it. -- -- You know how many people are cheering for you Matthew who are so happy for you this morning. Are you know what I can stay -- the act -- felt so much good will. You know for myself for this movie fact it. There's so many years to get it -- hero for the underdog. And now -- -- declared in we've been able to share that -- You know it it's really affect a lot of people who and I've got the -- -- Matthew we -- -- are not just a little bit ago he talks -- up against you in your category he talked. About the film making process specifically has a Nebraska as a team and and and referred to the teamwork and the GM and making other all the players better you are again relationship especially with -- in in making this movie mean these are two. Signature performances I just feel like we were lucky -- to get them in the same found that like. Well clearly there we didn't really got this moving point five days. Lou basically district Morton reproduction in any other movie -- them because we didn't have time to talk about how to do it on the day. Debate that we -- showed up in Ari back whereas -- and went to work -- -- -- I how I met I -- -- And he meant for onlookers every day united shaking and they have a -- candidate and Matt into the filming was over. There really wasn't style indicted stations and eliminate these guys go to -- with anybody afterward it was. That -- -- -- about it I've ever had in. You know it really gonna help creatively the whole team is a very small crew got it done and -- -- Really haven't been here. Like hey congratulations I think this is -- I want to know how did you. Wake up this morning to you say you're at your alarm to the kids tell you how you find out denominated. I want my -- like that -- we got out. About guy hit me in the announcement came on 530. And then. They're getting 45 45 channels are handling it source which in your own channels which would you want to get together we will hear this from within. -- he -- Good Morning America at least. They dared to save last that we missed and we got -- got a bit. Activate Atlantic last wee bit of in the I'm screenplay was -- there best pictures though we doubt really spread out over. -- don't move is that it. And Matthew. I wonder what does -- -- -- you you had a long list of great performances but when you hear things like. You know the the role of a lifetime the best performance today. Personally what does that mean -- you. State media made it means a lot beat these girls don't come along all the topic is down -- if they do come along they don't usually get made. You know in this story of this picture -- twenty years -- -- I knew it was something special. When I read it this -- driver onlookers what you did in the highly original. It was and Everett story about -- with a story about living. And no there really original way yeah that was -- -- anarchy can they've had all those that being the perfect game at that as an actor. Do you dream of being noted that in doing -- you can -- and you like this. So to embrace it get it done and then to know now that day translating today resonated -- affecting people. That the communication netted actors I know from me that that -- JK eleven -- NN Finland I don't know what I do I've got to tell you map view this is Robin you connect with people I saw you at the Golden Globes and you're out taking -- please. Doing autographs just just so wonderful how giving. You've always been and the spirit and it's glad we're all happy that it's coming back so happy I'm back now. And they -- would -- do -- it is -- Your ability to get away with them down job I guess congratulations. The we all feel that way because you all right -- thank you. Regularly -- that can't take care.

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{"id":21555907,"title":"McConaughey on Oscar Nod: 'What a Nice Way to Wake Up'","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor discusses his nomination for best actor in \"Dallas Buyers Club.\"","url":"/GMA/video/2014-oscar-nominations-mcconaughey-interview-oscar-nod-nice-21555907","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}