Steve Coogan's 'Evil Genius Plan' for Oscar Nomination

The actor's film "Philomena" was nominated for best adapted screenplay and best film.
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steve Coogan's 'Evil Genius Plan' for Oscar Nomination
Steve's found he's part of Selena. And it was nominated this -- so -- -- noting that dean Judy Diageo I love the game. Steve -- welcome and congratulations congratulations. Really across the board. For a film it does feel like another one of those perhaps it's really gonna get this post nominations. Push but what's it like to see that -- -- -- you know up and over and over again tonight. It's -- it's unbelievable to me really mean this disgust for years ago when I read an article. In the newspaper that I found moving and I wanted the candidates of -- So nearly. -- best adapted screenplay nominee it's really quite tremendous and a lot of people value for economy. And I have very different kind of movie talk about experience. What it was I I I I read this article was get the right through it does not want to welcome to reduce reduce movie is for good behavior from Vietnam maybe -- -- you just sold -- -- all the babies became the real thing. And did you have all those Oscar nominations come at a better -- all. And maybe we can get in this picture nomination as well. Just just -- made -- -- way back derive my enemy evil genius plan. That that was but he'd he'd ever think it's. This is that this district of this. I just wanted to -- -- but that's changed the -- vote for myself. To give myself a break. I was fortunate all right people came along I got sick of the best. -- have -- such -- the world about 53 is valid from best blood in the music. Jeff -- -- right. It was like this visit the dream team it was one of those things -- of the perfect dual. -- Henry and Stevie you let it -- a game for a reason you mentioned Judy -- she governor Morin. I may be in another life I'll get a chance to work. That think it would be that remarkable world war what is it like. For -- -- for those of us -- not lucky enough. To have a -- -- to concede near you -- then shouldn't you. -- -- -- not I have to say it should humans should not particularly -- for someone whose title. -- in the border -- should show for the morning. Just make fun of me in the trailer that is the very broad talks -- all of us. In between -- -- -- Fool around -- -- positive and of this visit that the profits by heavy Volvo -- of those -- About loss of discovery of about space for the people who do have -- -- choose not to have faith. But it facilitates it'll all be reduced just joke around -- -- to have me do donations. To make a lot. It was a really happy happy which is to not -- not to. -- facility has -- focus -- -- as she wrote please if since show opposite they have like every. -- -- -- -- But don't announce that -- actually got to -- as Steve again good to hear all the babies come debt this sort of fruition were so happy for congratulations the.

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{"id":21556074,"title":"Steve Coogan's 'Evil Genius Plan' for Oscar Nomination","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor's film \"Philomena\" was nominated for best adapted screenplay and best film.","url":"/GMA/video/2014-oscar-nominations-steve-coogan-interview-evil-genius-21556074","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}