2017 CMA Award nominations announced live

Country music stars Brothers Osborne and Dustin Lynch announced more nominations on a "Good Morning America" livestream.
12:51 | 09/04/17

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Transcript for 2017 CMA Award nominations announced live
I'm not. We're here announcing the nominees for the 51 annual CMA awards we just announced six categories live on DNA. But in case you missed it will do a recap the move onto the rest let's get started. Right the nominees are CMA vocal duo of the year are. Dead ends yet. Florida Georgia. But look at us. And that Ian today. In the brother mom balloon. Yeah. Do all of the year. Although. The nominee is for CMA female vocalist of the year are Kelcy Belo raining. Miranda Lambert's. Reba McEntire. Mary Morris. And Carrie Underwood those are the nominate for the nominees for the CMA funeral for. Okay. The nominees for CMA male vocalist of the year are Dirks Bentley. Their church. Thomas threat. Chris Stapleton. And Keith Urban those are the nominees for the CNN Belfast. All right the nominee is for CMA new artist of the year are Luke homes. Old Dominion. John party Brett young and Lauren Elena. Goes of the nominated for the city. Okay okay. Now next we have the nominees for CMA music video of the year in this award goes to the artist and the director the nominees are better man. Little big town directed by Becky plant and read loan. Blue anchor colored Keith Urban directed by Carter Smith. Driving in Thomas rent featuring their remorse direct about TK McCain. Vice Miranda Lambert direct about stray fans who. And I cannot fault brother loves porn correct about what severed. The nominees for CMA entertainer of the year or. Garth Brooks. We Brian. Eric church. Chris Stapleton and key third and those of the nominees for CMA entertainer of the year. Okay. RI this award goes to the artist producer. And mix engineer the nominees for single of the year are better man little big town. Produced by. Blue paint your color. Keith Urban produced by Dan Huff and Keith Urban mixed botrus lord Alge. Body like a backer and Sam hunt produced and mixed buys that crowd. Dirt elevates John party produced. Bob Barr Butler and John party in mixed about Iraq and gore. Tin man Miranda Lambert produced by Franklin they'll Eric Massey and Glenn Moore. Mixed by Eric Massey these are the nominees for CMA single of the year. And I. CMA musician of the year are Jerry Douglas on no brown. Paul Franklin still guitar. Dan Huff Qatar. Matt Matt finale guitar and Derek wells on the car those the nominees for CMA musician of the. Okay. The nominee is your CMA vocal group of the year are. Lady Annabel. Little big town. All of the many. Grasp of flats. And Zack brown band those other nominees for saying they both. Okay. Up next we have the nominees for CMA song of the year this award goes to the song writers. The nominees are better man killers works flew anger over Clinton Barbara Berger for longer berg start plants Hillary Lindsey Steve only Olson. Thought he ought to back road sect Kroll Sam haunts Shane Mack a mallet Josh Charles Moore. Dirt or mud boots read Bacon's Justin Frazier actually gore would send men checking room Randall Lambert John Randle. These are the nominees receive. Pass. The nominees are CMA music musical event of the year are trading U Thomas threat featuring mayor Morse. Funny how time slips away cling camel with Willie Nelson. Kilo wired their church speech hearing that re heading Gittens. Sentinel all on fire Kenny Chesney with pink. Speak to a girl Tim McGraw and Faith Hill those are the nominees for CMA music over. A man small market broadcast personality of the year our spirit fox and vary with Bill Barrett Tim fox and Tracy Berry on KK and you Eugene Springfield Oregon. Ben and Ernie but the Ernie Andrews and been Butler on the WC EOW lacrosse Wisconsin. The cap pat morning show with rent land candy colored tint on WYC's Steve Pensacola Florida. Officer Dan Indiana. With Don Evans and the end Stephens on WWL Lexington Fayette Kentucky's. Scott in Caro in the morning with got a Cox and cared Dennis impedes the hell are Columbia Missouri those of the nominated for small market broadcast personality. And the nominees are CMA media market broadcast personality of of the year are. Bret Michaels on K use easy Bakersfield California. Qassam Bradley would Natalie cash and Matt Bradley on KWEEN. Tulsa Oklahoma. The decks and low show with bill decks Poindexter. And Melissa know turner on WS watch Chattanooga Tennessee. New country mourns what Nancy Wilson and James Frye on WHK. Dayton Ohio. Tom Mbeki with Tom Owens and Becky Palmer on WB BS Syracuse, New York. Those are the nominees for media market broadcast. Okay. This award goes to the artist and producer. The nominees for CMA album of the year or the breaker little big town produced by. From a room volume on Chris Stapleton produced by Dave Cobb and Chris Stapleton. Heartbreak Lady Antebellum produced by Busby. The national sound Jason is a bill in the 400 units. Produced by Dave Cobb. The weight of these wings Miranda Lambert produced by frank we'll bill when wharf and Eric Massey those of the nominees receive mail out. A the nominee is your CNN major market broadcast personality of the year are. But in Broadway with blood Ford. Jerry Broadway and Kelly rubble on WIL saint Louis Missouri. Michael. WP OC Baltimore Maryland. Mike in any live Mike chase and any thoughts on KWJJ. Portland organ. Paul satin met with Paul said meg bodily and Jeff not under the KKT Charlotte gas go to Iraq hill North Carolina. The key Morgan zoo with Tim Tuttle Kevin Kline and Erica Rico on KK BQ Houston Galveston Texas knows who the nominees for major market broadcast personality of the year. Okay. The nominee is for CMA national broadcast personality of the year are American country countdown with kicks Brooks on cumulus. The big BM Bubba show with Derek past and Shaun Powell Patrick Thomas and Carson hunted bill on compass media networks. The Blair garner show on cumulus the Bobby bones show and I hurt media. Country gold with Terri Clark I must've won who's the nominee is for national broadcast personality of the. Okay. The nominees are CMA small market radio station of the year RK CLR in Columbia Missouri. KK in here in Eugene Springfield organ. KO RA. And Bryan College Station, Texas. The BC EOW and lacrosse Wisconsin. The BYCT in Pensacola Florida of those nominees for small market radio station. And. The nominees are CMA large market broadcast personality. Of the year or Amanda and Jesse. With Amanda Valentine and just attack on WBB. Cincinnati Ohio. The boxer show with boxer brand and as B and WC OO Columbus, Ohio. Double low flows Lewis in case on KW and our boss Vegas. The Randy Jamie in Georgia show with Randy Carroll Jamie Martin and Joseph Joseph Mays on K agent Jerry San Antonio Texas. T and Daniel with team Rodgers into vicar bearing. New Iran and the US clerks. Under the Mueller a Mueller as an alert it's Israel Ronald. Both of you are on hand I'm as happened. On WS lacks national Tennessee. Willie in the wake up call with Woody Johnson. Dan is who go. We feel a Hamlet on dubious you'll Columbus, Ohio these are the nominees for worst murder protest first. This thing could have Mueller on new around here. Without Easter CNA large market radio station of the year art Casey while lives in San Antonio Texas. The BCO well in Columbus, Ohio. To be QDR and Raleigh Durham, North Carolina. To be QIK in Jacksonville Florida. The BS IX Nashville Tennessee those are the nominees for large market radio thing. The nominee is for CMA major market radio station of the year RK PLX and Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. KUPLM Portland Oregon PW JJ in Portland Oregon. WIL and saint Louis Missouri W kick AT and Charlotte go Estonia rock hill North Carolina. Who the nominee is from major market radio. And I'm done. We're done yeah. I'll go on matters a lot of controversy and the so of the not a. Acer CMA medium market radio station of the year are CK RY Calgary Alberta Canada. Today acts continued. Many in under an Omaha Council Bluffs Nebraska Iowa. WB BS in Syracuse, New York. WI Wike in Knoxville Tennessee. WYR Kelly of buffalo Niagara Falls, New York. Those are the nominees for media Margaret says. Yeah okay. I got to be sure to watch the 51 annual CMA awards broadcast live from the Bridgestone arena in Nashville Wednesday. November 8. On ABC. Okay. Our hearts go out of your family and all. All CNN understood been affected by hurricane Harvey. Think yeah.

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{"duration":"12:51","description":"Country music stars Brothers Osborne and Dustin Lynch announced more nominations on a \"Good Morning America\" livestream.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49610235","title":"2017 CMA Award nominations announced live","url":"/GMA/video/2017-cma-awards-nominations-announced-live-49610235"}