$338 Million Powerball Winner Sold

The winning ticket was bought somewhere in New Jersey.
3:04 | 03/24/13

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Transcript for $338 Million Powerball Winner Sold
weather. Well, now, to america's mul multi-multimillionaire. One ticket was sold last night for the $388 million jackpot. That winning ticket was sold. We know this, now, somewhere in new jersey. Rob nelson is in border town this morning, there he is, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, guys. That's right. We're in a struck stop. They usually sell between $200 to $400. Yesterday, they sold about $1,000 worth of powerball. We don't know if this is the store where the winning ticket was sold. Somewhere in the garden state is waking up this morning able to afford a lot more gardens. 31. Reporter: That was somebody's lucky nuer in new jersey. Where one powerball player is waking up $338 million richer. And powerball. Reporter: Lottery frenzy has swept the country for days. Saturday night, finally brought some relief. With $338 million on the line, more than 81 million tickets for this weekend's drawing was sold. The sixth biggest jackpot of all time. And $15 million was given out to winners in 12 states. It's a whole new range of possibilities. More possibilities than a you have ever had before. It's like christmas on steroids. She's the founder of sudden money institute. A phone call this winner may want to make. She helps families with life transitio transitions with all of that cash. Lot of expectations from friends and relatives. Some families feel like we won lottery. Whereas it's you won the lottery. Reporter: One relative who may be calling, uncle sam. With sequester calling. Meanwhile, others have dreams a little closer to home. If you win -- oh, I'll buy me a big ole house. Reporter: That's right, guys. A new home doesn't sound like a bad idea. The big question is, which store sold the winning ticket? We expect to get a few details on monday when lottery officials hold a press concerns. As someone who's raised in southern new jersey, I want to take a second out, friends and families, who may have gotten that winning ticket, how much i love you.

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{"id":18800302,"title":"$338 Million Powerball Winner Sold ","duration":"3:04","description":"The winning ticket was bought somewhere in New Jersey.","url":"/GMA/video/338-million-powerball-winner-sold-18800302","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}