'90210' Star Transforms Life After Big Weight Loss

Former teen-idol Ian Ziering reveals how he dropped 30 pounds in three months.
2:21 | 06/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for '90210' Star Transforms Life After Big Weight Loss
Also, very provocative, ian ziering as you've never seen him before, "beverly hills 90210" star and "dancing with the stars" personality after a weight loss transformation at the age of 49 he said helped his marriage and his own self-confidence. Abc's tai hernandez has his story. ♪ Reporter:9021 oh my." Former teen idol ian ziering has hearts pounding again. Where you been all summer? Now at 49 the man former I known as steve sanners is leading women in a whole new zip code. Back then I couldn't do this. Reporter: Overnight abc news caught up with him at the rio hotel in vegas home of the chippen deals theater when he reveals how he felt. Immediately my head raced to the head of chris farley and patrick swayze doing that chipen dales ad. Reporter: He dropped an astoshishing 30 pounds and with those pecs mixed with the french cuffs and bow tie you have to wonder how did he do it? The first five days its of strictly protein but then you stay away from the bad fats, pasta, pizza. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I have to top talking because I'm starting to salivate. I had a vision board where I saw what I wanted to be, 1 0 and playing cards of chippendales with pictures of all these guys on it. What did his wife think of her sexy new man? As the weight came off me the flirty texts started to appear. Reporter: The former "dancing with the stars" alum says sexy dancing doesn't compare to tough days in the ballroom. "Dancing with the stars" was a completely different animal. There's five or six things you have to think about with every beat. Reporter: Ian says being eye candy in vegas has been the tile of his life. He even says he's invited his old buddies from "90210" to see the show. Jason wants to see much luke is coming. Jenni set me up on twitter. I have to give a call to shannon and gabrielle and maybe get them out for a party. Reporter: A reunion in vegas will likely stay in vegas. For "good morning america." Tai hernandez, abc news, new

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{"id":19363768,"title":"'90210' Star Transforms Life After Big Weight Loss","duration":"2:21","description":"Former teen-idol Ian Ziering reveals how he dropped 30 pounds in three months.","url":"/GMA/video/90210-star-ian-ziering-hits-chippendales-transforms-life-19363768","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}