Woman, 87, Dies After Nurse Allegedly Refuses CPR

A 911 operator pleaded with the nurse to give the woman CPR after she collapsed.
4:42 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for Woman, 87, Dies After Nurse Allegedly Refuses CPR
hour with the startling story of an 87-year-old woman who collapsed at a retirement home. A nurse called 911 but refused to perform cpr, even when the dispatcher plead with her to do so. Abbie boudreau joins us with more. Reporter: Good morning, robin. This 911 call has many people questioning why company policy ed to trump saving the life they're refusing cpr.E going let her die. Reporter: These are the frantic moments leading up to the end of lorraine bayless's life. We can't do cpr. Reporter: The 87-year-old seen here collapsed in the dining room of glenwood gardens on tuesday. A nurse can be heard in the 911 calls arguing with the dispatcher and refusing to try to save bayless' life. I need you to hand to it the passer by. Or any citizens there. No, no. We need this woman's t boo breathing enough. She's going to die. Do you understand? I understand. I am a nurse, but I cannot have our other senior citizens who don't know cpr. Ly instruct them. We're in a dining room. Okay, I don't understand why you're not willing to help this patient. Reporter: But the nurse remained steadfast, insisting it's against company policy to give bayless cpr. We're going to let this lady die? That's we we're calling 911. We can't wait. She can't wait right now. He's saying we don't. So you can talk to my boss. But if there's any, as a human being, is there anybody there that is willing ing ing to help this lady and not letter die? Not at this time. Reporter: After nearly seven tense minutes of arguing, paramedics arrive. It was too late. She died that day. I can't comment on people's moral choices. As far as first responders, and dispatchers, they're trying to act. Reporter: While it may be shocking, glenwood gardens did everything it was required to do. They said, our practice is to immediately call emergency medical personnel for assistance and to wait with the individual needing attention until such personnel arrives. The family is grieving, but reported will you they do not fault the nurse heard on the call or the retirement home. And this morning, in a statement, the requirement home send condolences to the bayless family and law enforcement officials say there's no investigation pending in her death. Legal analyst dan abrams joins us now. Legally, what is the situation? First of all, bravo to the 911 operator. Trying to get action here. Generally, there's no legal obligation to act or help anyone. That changes, though, if you're talk about someone who is in a medical facilifacility. There can be an obligation. That's where the question comes in. This appears to be an independent living facility, separate from a neighboring nursing home. for the elderly, they may have no legal obligation to do this. I was talking to dr. Besser. He said cpr is dangerous business for an 87-year-old. There areegal concerns that have to be raised when you're talking about that. Some people might have said i don't want my 87-year-old to get cpr. We don't know the condition of the 87-year-old. Kreekt. Not all 78-year-olds are the same. Legally, okay. The t this was a nurse, people can't get past it. Whether or not, yes, she was following the rules of the requirement h retirement home. It doesn't sit well. She seemed so nonchalant. You're in the business of helping people, you would think there was an obligation to do something to help. They had a firm policy. If she were to have done something, she would have violated the company's policy. Was the company's policy right? The woman's family who is deceased said they had no problem with it. Right. We turn to the model taking

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{"id":18646490,"title":"Woman, 87, Dies After Nurse Allegedly Refuses CPR","duration":"4:42","description":"A 911 operator pleaded with the nurse to give the woman CPR after she collapsed.","url":"/GMA/video/911-call-audio-retirement-home-nurse-refuses-woman-18646490","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}