Adam Sandler, David Spade Star in New Netflix Comedy

The comedians play old friends who meet up at their 25th high school reunion in "The Do-Over."
5:30 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for Adam Sandler, David Spade Star in New Netflix Comedy
back on a new netflix comedy "The do-over" where their characters, great premise. Reunite after their highchool reunion. I love it. Let's see. I shouldn't have a drink right away because I popped a few dramamine to get my sea legs but I did get us some sea band bracelets. One of the cashiers at save and pay said this is a miracle worker for her mother-in-law. I get one too. Yeah. Well, thanks, man. Okay. What's not to love, guys. It's too much. It's too much. It's so early but it's so beautiful in we're glad that you got dressed up for this. I put on -- brand-new. Brand-new. Brand-new. Just got them. You always bring out the best for us. I have to. Hey, you guys, loved it, loved it. Oh you saw it. Yes, I know it's out on netflix Friday. I go the a sneak picabo you guys, how was it different working together? You've done it over the years but this thing a little different. It was better, roo it. It was better because we've never done it just us and we always have other guys to deal with but great to work with him. Very fun. You get to make up jokes and try to help each other with jokes. He was good. He plays kind of a goofier guy than he normally sees. We're not used to seeing you in that role. I like to play one character for 20 years then I switch it so this is the time I switch it a little bit. But you know what else I like, there is a lot of action in this. Yes. Looks cooler than we look. Did you guys do your stunts now. I'd say we did percentagewise about none of them. You did more than me. I couldn't handle it. David doesn't like to -- When he pulled me out of the pool by my hair -- I did do that. Throwback Thursday and we remember you guys from "Snl" and so we thought we'd have a little throwback clip. Remember the gap girls. Come on. Take a look. David's masterpiece. Cinch that. I tried them with a belt. No, you can't do that. You got to cinch them. We told you to cinch them. You just paper bag them out and cinch them. It's just -- Cinch them you'll see. You'll love them. I love Mike myers. Does that bring back memories for you. David wrote all those gap girls and it would be like David staying up all night long going I have a gap girls, yeah, I would get so excited because he would give me a free bee. Give you a free be. When you were working on a film, hey, I go the something just the two of us and this was it. The "The do-over." I didn't know it would be this big or this good. It was such a gift because this part I don't play sort of the straight man like every man guy, read it. It was so funny with twists and turn, not like the Normal one we do and got into it and every page, this is -- whoa, what's going on? So that was way different for me. Funny. And really fun to do. And Paula Patton too. Yeah, Paula. She likes him. Oh, come on. We showed your doppelganger. Yeah. We showed him. Come on. The same name you have in the film. Max Kessler, right. Coincidence, we think not. The kid is -- that's a young, sweet, cute version of me. He came to the premiere. Yeah. I know. We had a good time. Nice kid. He must have been really psyched. He was very excited to meet David spade. Yeah, no, he didn't like me at all. Not at all. Really went to the Sandler team. Can I do a little "Do-over" game with you. I love this premise. Who want to do it over again, a mulligan. Who wouldn't want a mulligan. A do-over game and ask you questions. Looking back at your early careers the one audition you'd like a do-over. Oh, wow. One audition you'd like a do-over supply auditioned for the third call back of "In living color" and it was me or Jim carry. I think they did the right decision. Really? I can't believe we were at the final audition. I'd pick that guy. This guy is unbelievable but "Snl," I did not have a great audition. Lucked out but I bombed. What about you? What would you do over. I mean, I don't think -- I don't think I got one thing I auditioned for so every one of them. That's why you got your own production company. Take it over myself. Never good. I'm never good in the room alone when it's me and somebody. It's great because aren't you guys going out on tour with other comedians. Yeah, we did Brooklyn last night. We're in Boston tons and then in Connecticut tomorrow night. Where in Connecticut? I'm there tomorrow. You want to come? I may do that. Come. Do it. You got to come. It's the best night, last night we did -- The king's theater. Brooklyn and Chris rock came up and norm McDonald and Snyder, every night it's the best. Super fun. Hook me up with tickets and see you tomorrow night. We'll get you half price. Half price. David, I don't know how you do it. I don't know how you do it with this guy. We're so glad to see you. I love you, buddy. Always so good to you. Let's whoop it up a little. Green v-neck for "Good morning America." "The do-over" repriors on netflix tomorrow.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"The comedians play old friends who meet up at their 25th high school reunion in \"The Do-Over.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39393664","title":"Adam Sandler, David Spade Star in New Netflix Comedy","url":"/GMA/video/adam-sandler-david-spade-star-netflix-comedy-39393664"}