Alabama Boy Held Hostage in Underground Bunker

Negotiations continue for a third day to free a boy who was taken from his school bus at gunpoint.
2:32 | 02/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alabama Boy Held Hostage in Underground Bunker
More questions to be answers for sure. Now to the latest gut-wrenching hostage situation in alabama and the 5-year-old boy held captive since he was snatched from his school bus at gun point on tuesday afternoon. His kidnapper is holding him in an underground bunker. Gi oh, benitez is in midland are more. Reporter: Police have no reason to believe this little boy has been harmed. That's good news. People in the community are holding their breath, opening that this little child named ethan, is let go soon. As hour 64 of the underground standoff approach, tensions grow in this small alabama town, enveloped by police and s.W.A.T. Teams. An innocent kid. Let him go back to his parents. He's tcrying for his parents and grandparents. He does not know what is going on. Let this kid go. Reporter: Tuesday afternoon, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes stormed on to a school bus. Believe the children, a child is on the line with us advising that the bus driver's been shot. Reporter: That driver, charles polan was shot dead. Before dykes took ethan to the bunker. He's got steps made out of cinder blocks going down to it. Reporter: Neighbors say dykes has isolated himself in the bunker for as long as eight days before. He may have enough supplies to last weeks. Today, why do we know so little about dykes? One of the reasons they're keeping the negotiations close to the vest and not releasing his picture is to try to ins plate the situation as much as possible so they don't have a situation to deal with his anger and rage. Ethan's mom did want me to convey a message to the community and the people of this area. That she's extremely grateful for all the prars that that's what's getting her through. Reporter: Meanwhile, children are trying to understand why this happened to their friend. He always plays at my house. I miss him. I miss him a lot. Reporter: And you might be wondering, did dykes know ethan before any of this? Right now, police don't believe so. All right, gio, our hearts go out the that little boy and his family and hoping for a good event in this.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Negotiations continue for a third day to free a boy who was taken from his school bus at gunpoint.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18374490","title":"Alabama Boy Held Hostage in Underground Bunker","url":"/GMA/video/alabama-boy-held-hostage-underground-bunker-bering-abducted-18374490"}