Albert Brooks Dishes on New Film 'This Is 40'

Actor discusses playing Paul Rudd's father in the new comedic film.
1:35 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for Albert Brooks Dishes on New Film 'This Is 40'
breakdowns over it. "This is 40" is about a couple that do all three. And they do it with the help of a fantastic cast, including the one and only albert brooks. He joins us right now. Hello, sir. Hello, lara. What attracted you to "this is 40"? I play paul rudd's father who had in vitro with an older woman. He had triplets. And basically, he needs his son to be his father. These stories where the father becomes the child, they intrigue me. I want to show a clip here. John lithgow, the great john lithg lithgow. He plays leslie mann's father. He's a successful spinal surgeon. And I'm a curtain salesman out of business. And I'm just jealous of his income. Take a look, everybody. You operate every day? Multiple times a day? Three, four times. What's the price range? If I wanted to -- I'd rather not say. It's so big you're embarrassed to say. I wouldn't say embarrassed. Are there hunchbacks today? Of course. I've never seen one. That's because there are spinal surgeons. That's because of you. Each time I don't see a hunchback, you're getting that much richer. I want to ask you really quickly, the movie, the characters, leslie and paul's characters are trying to change each other. If you could guess, what is t one thing your wife would want to change about you? I think I'm perfect. Good answer. We do, too. My wife and I don't try to change each other. You are perfect to us. Albert brooks. The movie is terrific.

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{"id":18026087,"title":"Albert Brooks Dishes on New Film 'This Is 40'","duration":"1:35","description":"Actor discusses playing Paul Rudd's father in the new comedic film.","url":"/GMA/video/albert-brooks-interview-gma-actor-dishes-film-40-18026087","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}