A-Rod on Dempster: 'Unprofessional and Silly'

Was the pitch that hit Rodriguez retaliation for his alleged doping?
2:37 | 08/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A-Rod on Dempster: 'Unprofessional and Silly'
latest in major league baseball's steroid scandal. With the pen apartment race heating up and new allegations breaking every day it is getting ugly on and off the field. Paula faris tracking it all. Good morning, paula. What could happen next? We are finding out. Alex rodriguez said it's going to get worse every day as bigger and bigger ses come out. He was right. This morning new revelations as the league's highest paid player is quickly becoming the most hated. Alex rodriguez not only heard that message overnight. He may have felt it. The 38-year-old was drilled by boston red sox pitcher ryan dempster. Many assume as retaliation. We have one player hitting another player because of what that other player is alleged to have done. Reporter: But vindication for rodriguez came later in the game. Hits a deep drive and gone! It was awesome. I was pretty excited. It was the ultimate, ultimate payback. Reporter: Afterwards dempster denied hitting rodriguez ink tensi tensionally. Did you throw at a-rod? No, I just tried to pitch him inside. If you like me or hate thee that was wrong. Reporter: The league suspended rodriguez 211 games for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs and obstructing baseball's investigation. He appealed and this morning continues to play until his case is heard. Every time you think the story may be nearing an end, other layer is covered. Reporter: That next layer came this weekend after "60 minutes" reported rodriguez or those in his camp leaked names and tried to take other players down with him as baseball probed biogenesis, that florida clinic which allegedly supplied the drugs to nearly a dozen players. It's a charge a-rod vehemently denies. Never happened and would never occur and it didn't happen. If, indeed, he personally ratted out on other players, that's only going to hurt his reputation and his standing in the game even more. Reporter: And abc news has learned that former league mvp ryan braun is apparently ready to open up. Sources say he could apologize publicly for using performance-enhancing drugs as early as today. Now, details are starting to come out this morning as to exactly how rodriguez tampered with major league baseball's investigation. "Outside the lines" is reporting rodriguez twice tried to pay the legal fees for the man at the center of the biogenesis investigation. It is just one thing after another. Okay, paula, thanks very much.

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{"id":19997779,"title":"A-Rod on Dempster: 'Unprofessional and Silly'","duration":"2:37","description":"Was the pitch that hit Rodriguez retaliation for his alleged doping?","url":"/GMA/video/alex-rodriguez-hit-ryan-dempster-pitch-yankee-center-19997779","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}