Kidnap Victim's Mom: 'I Didn't Know How Strong She Was'

Nancy Ruiz describes the moment she was reunited with her daughter after a decade.
3:26 | 05/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kidnap Victim's Mom: 'I Didn't Know How Strong She Was'
We've been thinking about the families and joining us from CLEVELAND IS gina DeJesus' mother, nancy ruis, nancy, so good to see you. To know that for the first time in ten years, your daughter is waking up at home. What are your ee motionyour emotions? I'm still in a dream. I pinch myself every morning. It is awesome. It's -- I'm unable to describe the feeling that I have. She's right there by me now and I still pinch myself because I'm still in my dream but it is so awesome to have her home. I'm sure that it is. Can you describe for us, nancy, the first time you saw her after all those years? What did you say to one another? Actually we just -- we didn't say nothing. We just grabbed each other and held on. That's what we did. There was no words. It was just hugging and kissing and crying. Oh. Reminds me of something my mother would say when I came home, lay her eyes on me. I'm sure that's what you want to do, lay your eyes on your daughter and hug her and the conversation would come later. I understand you were able to see all three of the women. How are they holding up emotionally, nancy? Surprisingly, they are doing great. Oh. All three of them because when I did see -- I saw all three of them together. They didn't want to get separated at that point yet, but then it's working out . They are great. They're fantastic. I know you said they're probably holding up better than we all are at this point. And they are. Yeah, and tell -- help us understand your daughter. Okay. Her strength, her resilience. I'm surprised. I knew she was strong. I didn't know how strong she was and is. I think she's more stronger than I am to tell the truth. She is. Oh, I don't know about that, nancy. You and your family, you never ever gave up. Where does that unshakable belief come from, nancy? From my heart and my faith in god. I knew she was alive because i felt it. I knew it and I always said that she walked through my front door, it didn't happen because i couldn't find key but she did the door to the house. I know when she thrust her thumb up when she was coming in and saying that everything was okay and I know your husband said this. It's going to be a mighty special mother's day for you on sunday, isn't it, nancy? Yes, it is. It's -- I am so blessed, so thankful for all that. I mean, I don't look at sunday as mother's day because mother's day has been every day for me. That's well put. Nancy ruiz, thank you very much. Thank you. For wanting to be here and thank you for your unshakable belief and faith and sharing that with all of us. You give your daughter just a big old hug for us. I will. Happy mother's day. You too. Thank you. George?

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{"id":19140851,"title":"Kidnap Victim's Mom: 'I Didn't Know How Strong She Was'","duration":"3:26","description":"Nancy Ruiz describes the moment she was reunited with her daughter after a decade.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-berry-gina-dejesus-alleged-victims-mother-strong-19140851","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}