How the new Amazon meal service stacks up

ABC News' Becky Worley tries out Amazon's new meal kit service and compares it to other meal kits already on the market.
4:14 | 08/04/17

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Transcript for How the new Amazon meal service stacks up
We'll take a closer look at popular meal kits bringing prepackaged and planned dinners right to your front door. Those surprises coming from Amazon launched in Seattle. How do they compare to the rest? Becky Worley is on the case. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, David. You know when it comes to meal kit, there's only one way to find out if they're really different from all the ones that are on the market so to answer that question, I headed to Seattle, called up some friends and we got cooking. Meal kits, offering what you need fresh meat veggies and instructions to make a delicious dinner. Now Amazon jumping into the market. Currently only available in the Seattle area, we asked Mike and Becky Kelly along with their two kids to compare chicken dishes from Amazon, blue apron and hello fresh. We're looking at ordering convenience, ease of preparation and taste. First I order them online. Right away there's a difference. Hello fresh and blue apron work via a subscription model. Two to-mile-per-hour feels delivered each week. Amazon lets you order a la carte, one-time only delivery of any meal. They start arriving at the kellys' doorstep. Blue apron. So they got it here when they promised. Reporter: All the kits arrived as scheduled. Hello. Hey. Reporter: Then I show up. All right. Let's go cook. Joining us on our journey, Matt Weinberger from "Business insider." First Amazon with dad Mike cooking. Unbox it. You're the chef here. Currently Amazon only sells meals portioned for two. Others have it for four. We notice time savers from Amazon. Prechopped. That's helpful. Cooked rice. You just have to heat it up. How does it taste. It was really good. I liked it a lot. Reporter: Mom Becky cooks the hello fresh meal? I'm seeing stuff I have to probably peel and chop. Reporter: The result, I think this would appeal to a wide range of kids. It's a more filling meal. Reporter: Finally blue apron. I'm going to do this one. One difference. Chopping. Lots of it. Garlic, potatoes, zucchini, prunes and parsley. The payoff. The chicken is probably the best chicken I've had in general. It does feel a little higher end. Reporter: They agreed. If you're like us and busy people on the go then Amazon wins. Reporter: On ease of ordering the Amazon meal kit won. The fact you don't have to do a subscription, that alone is a real game changer. Reporter: Ease of preparation, the winner again Amazon. It felt more prepared. Less slicing and cutting. Reporter: On taste, everybody is a winner. Everybody is a winner. We liked them all. As for price it's complicated. What we paid for the meals we ordered was comparable but to order with Amazon you need to be a member of both Amazon prime and Amazon fresh. Also if your order doesn't include at least $40 in groceries, you'll be charged for that delivery. For Amazon, meal kits are a small part of a much bigger strategy around dominating the grocery store. They want to be the everything store. Reporter: They are betting consumers will find that convenience worth paying for. Remember, this is only in Seattle right now. The big question, will this go nationwide and when? Amazon saying nothing on that issue. But easier dinners, David, I think we all agree that sounds delicious. Sounds delicious and I love how everyone said they all won on taste. A good sign. Amy saw the onions were prechopped so she might be sold on it. I'm curious, any indications of what might really work depending on what kind of family situation you might have. What you're looking for, how quickly you want to get it done. Reporter: Yeah, there's a meal kit for everyone probably and the consensus from the meals we cooked blue apron seems like it's for foodies or folks who are committed to learning new recipes. Really like cooking school. Hello fresh, more about function, good for families. And Amazon makes sense if you're getting groceries from them already through Amazon fresh. But, David, the convenience of a one-off meal that you can order just a few days out, I think, Amy agree, that's big. I'm shaking my head. Becky, let's cook sometime. I love it. All right.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley tries out Amazon's new meal kit service and compares it to other meal kits already on the market. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49025800","title":"How the new Amazon meal service stacks up","url":"/GMA/video/amazon-meal-service-stacks-49025800"}