American Airlines Passengers Stuck on Tarmac for Several Hours

Extreme weather led to the long delay of the flight out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.
3:55 | 02/28/15

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Transcript for American Airlines Passengers Stuck on Tarmac for Several Hours
And the nasty weather added to a nightmare for passengers on an American airlines flight out of Dallas overnight. They were stuck collectively at the gate and on the tarmac for roughly nine hours capturing the mood on that plane with their cell phones. Dipping into the drinks cart. Exactly. As they should be. Our Reena ninan is following the story for us. Good morning, Reena. Hey, Paula, Dan, good morning. By the time you make it here to the check-in counter, the toughest part might be perhaps be the security line. Just behind me. But for some American airlines passengers, they experienced a series of travel delays turning into travel nightmares they won't soon forget. A nightmare for passengers on American airlines flight 382. What was supposed to be a short nearly one-hour flight from Dallas to Oklahoma City turned into an eternity. Delay after delay keeping travelers tuck on the plane, nine long hours. After the flight was scheduled to take off. Ten hours later it feels gait to be home. It's an incredibly stressful day. Don't ever want to do that again. Reporter: Catching the mood with their cell phones. It was just up and down. Like we were happy one second because we thought we were leaving then the next second we were just deflated because we were turning back to the gate. Reporter: American airlines tells ABC news we apologize for the frustrating experience. Yesterday was a challenging day at dfw due to extreme weather impacting north Texas. The safety of our passengers and employees is always our top priority. Delays began because of winter weather and plane de-icing but passengers were never held on the actual tarmac for longer than the three-hour limit set by the passengers' bill of rights. It was an unfortunate event. We're all here, nothing we can do about it. Reporter: But then a different law caused yet another delay. The flight crew had to be relieved after working more than the legal eight hours. At times the scene on the plane becoming chaotic. Passengers taking it upon themselves to raid the liquor fridge. It was kind of a mix of comedy and anger as tensions were high. Reporter: The good news, though, in 2009 there were 868 domestic flight delay, people stuck on tarmac Morse man three hours but since passenger protections put in place that dropped to just 30 last year. Positive news. I like what that guy said about the mixture of comedy and anger. Probably unwise to add booze into that mix but, Reena, thank you. For more let's bring in Steve ganyard. Steve, technically and Reena mentioned this, the airline didn't violate the passengers' bill of rights because the plane wasn't on the actual tarmac for more than three hours but you say that is really not good enough. Dan, I think they're being a little too clever by half here saying we trapped you on this airplane for nine hours but at least we didn't keep you out on the tarmac for three of those nine. So there are questions for American. Why would you board an airplane and keep them on for four or five hours or send an airplane to get de-iced and sit there for 90 minutes. Why does it take 90 minutes to do that so I think American is really trying to defend the indefensible. Despite the infuriating nature of this to the passengers you do want to make a point de-icing is of paramount importance, why? Well, sometimes people don't understand why the de-icing process is is so important. Any time you get ice or frost on a wing you've changed that wing in a way that could make it so it couldn't be able to fly. Some of the worst aviation mishaps ever in history have been due to icing, so it's very, very important for the airplanes to be properly de-iced but in this case the weather had been bad for days in Dallas. American, this was not a surprise 0 American they should have been better prepared and should have executed better. And they are apologizing this morning. Stand ganyard, thank you for your expertise and Paula, over

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Extreme weather led to the long delay of the flight out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29292410","title":"American Airlines Passengers Stuck on Tarmac for Several Hours","url":"/GMA/video/american-airlines-passengers-stuck-tarmac-hours-29292410"}