American South Faces Freezing Temperatures

Transportation officials treat roads in Houston to keep them clear of dangerous ice.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for American South Faces Freezing Temperatures
We'll get right to that ice and snow emergency about to wallop down south and a new surge of dangerous arctic air creating a possible one-two punch of snow and ice and, ginger, I know you're leading it all. A super surge for an area that doesn't see this all that often. It's already on the radar all over parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, but by 1:00 P.M. We put it all through Birmingham, Alabama, just about to get into Atlanta and South Carolina and North Carolina going to see the bulk of it later this afternoon and evening so the drive time, so sloppy and that's where I think most of the ice accumulates. We could see up to 3/4 of an inch just west of Wilmington, Savannah, Georgia, an ice storm warning. Plenty of snow to talk about on top of it. Just less than an inch for parts of Houston which this morning are tumbling temperatures and that's where we find our Clayton Sandell. Reporter: Good morning, ginger. This morning they are treating the roads here in Houston trying to prevent that dangerous ice from building up. The entire city is shut down and all of the southeast part of the country is bracing for a winter storm that stretches more than 1200 miles. This morning, vicious windchills slamming half the nation. Road crews are prepping for a rare winter storm from Texas to the Carolinas, something most of the south just isn't equipped to handle. We're not geared up to do 1,000 miles of road. We just have to close the road. Reporter: In Texas roads are already slick. This worker slipping hard on the ice. This man in grand forks, north Dakota, trying desperately to push this car out of the snow. This greyhound bus sliding right off the icy road. On the frozen Delaware river, coast guard ice breakers are being called in to knock out ice jams. And outside Cleveland this strange sight. Hundreds of snow rollers formed by those high winds creating what look like arctic tumblewe tumbleweeds. This is just something he. Can you see it all right? Reporter: As far south as Florida, streets are being smothered with sand and residents are stocking up on heating supplies. Some already sold out. Also this morning, more than 2700 flights canceled across the country leaving many travelers stuck waiting for the mess ahead. And another big problem this morning, across the south, snowplows are in short supply. The deep south could be in deep trouble. Ginger? This will all happen throughout the day. Thank you, Clayton, all the way through early tomorrow. It's all relative. Look at the windchill, Memphis, 2. Chicago, you know it's that cold. They've been subzero now for almost 24 hours but feels like 29 below. Many schools closed in the northern plains. So much more coming up on this chill and when it breaks including that super bowl forecast so don't go anywhere.

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{"id":22261849,"title":"American South Faces Freezing Temperatures","duration":"3:00","description":"Transportation officials treat roads in Houston to keep them clear of dangerous ice.","url":"/GMA/video/american-south-faces-freezing-temperatures-22261849","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}