Amy Purdy on Posing Naked for ESPN's Annual Body Issue

The Paralympian dishes on her photo shoot for the magazine, featuring Venus Williams, Michael Phelps and more.
2:48 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for Amy Purdy on Posing Naked for ESPN's Annual Body Issue
Up next in the heat index, a sneak peek at the ESPN magazine body issue. Hits news stands this weekend with six covers. There's Venus Williams, and fooilg fell S. And Amy Purdy, finalist in dancing with the stars, welcome. Thank you. How did this come about? Actually, after I did "Gma" right after the finale, I got the phone call if I wanted to be in the body issue. And I -- I pretty much said yes right off the bat. Because I have so much respect for the magazine and what it stands for. And, yeah, it was exciting. We just got a glimpse of the shot. And you look absolutely amazing -- You haven't seen it. Have it up again. This is your first chance to see it. Wow. How difficult was it holding that pose? That was really, really challenging. Especially because they kind of oil you up a little bit to show some of your musclesing with and I was hanging on with one hand. All of my body weight hanging on. Yeah, I held that for quite a while, for a couple minutes. That was really impressive. Yeah, that was really challenging. What is next for you? What are you working on? I'm working on a book. I'm in New York for five weeks writing a book. I'm on a six-week deadline. I have a book coming out, and working on a clothing line and a lot of other kind of fun TV projects. That's great. Exciting. People going back and seeing the picture, knowing you're doing this, whoa, were you fearful of being completely naked? And you're saying all that you've been through -- Right. This is going to scare you? No. I have been through scarier things than this. That's what I thought about. It's scary, dropping the robe the first time. Everybody else is clothed, and you're very aware of that. But probably after ten minutes you don't even think about it. And then when they giveout robe at the end, you're like -- yeah. You're ready to go to a restaurant without your robe. You're just having conversation with people, forgetting you don't have clothes on. Do you understand the purpose why they do this issue about the body for us mere mortals to see the athleticism and what it takes? Yeah. That's why I wanted to be a part of it. It shows, I think, the strength and resilience of the human body. And for me, going through everything that I went through, when I left the hospital, I was 83 pounds. I had new legs, I had scars. To think that I've gone from that, and my body is what's gotten me to where I am today, the strength. Something to celebrate. Put that in the book.

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{"id":24449765,"title":"Amy Purdy on Posing Naked for ESPN's Annual Body Issue","duration":"2:48","description":"The Paralympian dishes on her photo shoot for the magazine, featuring Venus Williams, Michael Phelps and more.","url":"/GMA/video/amy-purdy-interview-2014-athlete-posing-naked-espns-24449765","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}