Amy Robach's Rough Week

Josh Elliott and Sam Champion joke with their colleague about her misfortune.
1:59 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Amy Robach's Rough Week
You see -- he. I got hit I think -- taking pleasure in the fact that the mighty -- makes no I go back. A weight on top of everything you tell them what what did it I'm in animals don't think -- and so last weekend the boiler -- -- -- And flooded -- -- OK and then I think they took our boiler that those who aren't levels. And had it do extra duty as a last night it was -- Google for goo goo goo guru and then -- include. As -- now we have -- the only. So to let me just this is Cheney's week. This is in these weeks of the beginning of the we should start to get the creeping crud that's been going on GMA where you lose your -- and everything gave him yet I get all the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And my husband -- -- yeah yeah and a husband has a black jacket -- had a head injury from a soccer injury hill Holliday needs friends thought she hit him. And Emmett -- all of Amy's friends thought that so let me just let me just put that out -- world name and then and then the apartment above. Leaks in -- she -- she loses furniture rugs. I'm -- Blackberry cannot really descendants cracked him. Then her boiler goes -- -- she has no heat on top of that Malaysians on an eighteen year old body -- And you you're probably drink more beer I'm just guest actually not going to be -- -- Regular from the coast to throw it right here pro western -- but apparently somebody's gotta go -- -- pioneer -- so mascot are you really are you are not an Arab you didn't. -- let's talk anybody. -- -- -- They today upper after things settled audits could be brutal this because she's like exchanged into. I have to ask NBA get an inevitable and Zellweger Obama than yourself in my apartment using DNA. -- we -- mother about it I had a little bit of I have few problems this week and I feel like I deserve a little risky thing I did you know what I felt we were a little late here -- eight girls get your minds here. Yeah -- very -- I am forties so. --

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{"id":18441582,"title":"Amy Robach's Rough Week","duration":"1:59","description":"Josh Elliott and Sam Champion joke with their colleague about her misfortune.","url":"/GMA/video/amy-robachs-rough-week-18441582","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}