Andi Dorfman Prepares To Be the Next Bachelorette

After leaving Juan Pablo on "The Bachelor," Andi gets her own chance at love.
3:30 | 05/19/14

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Transcript for Andi Dorfman Prepares To Be the Next Bachelorette
Now, Lara is actually in the social square with and Dorfman, the bachelorette. Hi, George and so excited to have the new bachelorette and Dorfman with us, she famously left Juan Pablo and now she will be the one handing out the roses or not and can't wait to hear about the new season which premieres tonight on ABC. Great to have you with us. Are you ready for this journey? I'm ready. I definitely am ready. Finished filming so ready to put it out there for everyone to see. I love your back story and want to hear how did you react when you found out that you would be in this position? I was shocked. I mean, we had talked about it before like around -- you guys are going to want somebody much more fun. No, no, so I talked to my family and finally decided to do it and just went with it and was excited and kind of surprised at the same time? How does it feel the shoe is on the other foot hoping to get the rose but now you have to break these guys' hearts or not. It's tough. It's nice to kind of have a little control and know what I'm doing and just be in the know more with everything that's going on, the dates but it's tough to look people in the face and great guys and say, I got to send you home. Some great guys. Let's talk about some of your choice, shall we? Did you have one that was a panpant pants preneur. We made that up. A pants preneur. And an opera singer. Crazy, serenaded us on the first night, you know, great voice, but -- Look at you. Just a great poker face. I know. Also have a well -- I'm sure there was a lot of coaching involved. Her a clip, everybody, of a very special unexpected guest that shows up. Take a look. What's going on? The meter. Yes. A couple minutes. Please. I need to talk to and. I've been out here for seven days. On my own. How did you even know -- I didn't. That's why I've been out here for so long. It's killing me. I have to, Chris. I'm sorry, I have to talk to her. I'm not leaving. All right. So we have a party crasher. What? So what do you think? There he is. He shows up and that's a sameling. So many questions from our viewers. Would you do me a favor and give it a pull on the social slot and our viewers are asking -- What was the best piece of advice you got before starting this journey? Best piece of advice I got actually right before I left was pick the right one. Pick the right -- no pressure there. No pressure there. I mean I know that there is -- there's a lot of opportunity out there. A lot of potential. I see one -- I'm not sure. I'm not sure. Is this what you do? I'm married anyway, so, you know -- this is for you. Thank you. There you go. I love that someone gave me a rose. Ah. Well, thank you so much. Thank you. We'll all be watching and we'll hear more from terry Cruz coming up. The new season of "The bachelorette" coming up on 9:30 eastern on ABC.

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{"id":23775468,"title":"Andi Dorfman Prepares To Be the Next Bachelorette","duration":"3:30","description":"After leaving Juan Pablo on \"The Bachelor,\" Andi gets her own chance at love.","url":"/GMA/video/andi-dorfman-interview-2014-reality-star-prepares-bachelorette-23775468","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}